In this episode of Hand to Hand Combat: Dealing with Everyday Demons Jennifer LeClaire and her guest Ryan Johnson tackle the spirit of poverty.

God does not want you to be poor anymore. He’s called you to walk in health and prosper, even as your soul prospers (see 3 John 1:2). Break through with this prophetic teaching with God-given strategies to crush the spirit of poverty in your life. Visit for more intense training or for more broadcasts.


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  1. Ann-Maree Kerr

    Awesome God..timely msg. BLESS you Jennifer

  2. pat metcalf

    You say to ask God how much to give, but what about when you don’t hear specifically how much to give? This happens to everyone.

  3. Delores Allen

    Hello, I have a question about the verse in 3 John 2. Isn’t John’s prayer for Gaius prompted by the good report of Gaius’ character and his love of the truth in Christ which causes us to produce good works for others? Why is it that we pull this verse out and quote it without talking about Gaius’ lifestyle and the reason why John said what he said? Help Me!

  4. Jennifer Rusk Smith

    When I lost my job last April I had to turn off recurring debits and stop giving some places until I got some jobs going..I worked several partime jobs…I finally got a full tile job in dec..but it’s also a temp job…but I have still been tithing and going above my tithe…faithfully… I know one day soon… the Lord has promised me I will be healthy wealthy and wise….a and giving is so important… I. Learning daily how to come out of that lack mentality too…


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