The future will birth the new methods, connections, territories and strategies which are all changing. In some situations there will be additions placed alongside the old strategies, creating a merging of strategies. Nonetheless the old is going to pass away as we know it and NEW strategies are being put in place.

I see businesses in America will have the best year in 2019. In 2018 there has been some growth, but in 2019 the growth will go off the charts for many businesses. A shifting of the wealth of the world will be given to the Kingdom. I also saw medical discoveries for 3 major diseases in 2019. Doctors and medical professionals will be astounded with radical turnarounds from dangerous diseases. Cures and recovery of the sick will reach a new high.

New strategies for successful, profitable farming is coming. Farmers, as a whole, have faced some lean months of production and sales. New strategies are being released from Heaven to increase demand of farming products, bringing financial prosperity to farmers.


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