We are entering into a season of acceleration and fulfillment. 2019 is going to be an exceptional year for the elect, especially for those who have been through tests and trials for the past few seasons. Things are moving and happening fast and if you are not rooted and grounded in His love, the journey will be difficult. Many things you have been waiting for many years will begin to happen, so many things at the same time.

God will begin to redefine and restore His church and her role on the earth and in world events. The religious church will continue to dwindle but God will begin to raise up a kingdom ekkelsia that will truly represent Him and His kingdom. It will be a tough year politically and spiritually for the USA. The body of Christ needs to pray and foresee in the spirit the plans of the enemy, and abort them before they manifest in the natural.

During this season, we need to know three main doctrines of the Bible. In every new season God highlights certain doctrines above others. In this season we are entering, we need to have a deeper understanding about the kingdom of God. The second is learning to operate and function in the courts of heaven. And the third is to access heaven to see what our Father is doing so that we can manifest His works. Let me explain each of these a bit.


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