There are eagle prophets and vulture prophets. You want to soar with the former and soar with the latter.
Eagle prophets and vulture prophets manifest in much different spirits. In this teaching video, I explain some of the key distinctions.
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  1. Linda Gerner

    This was right on….needed to hear it!!!!

  2. Lee Kowbel (say as Koble)

    I wont take U.S. ministry courses cause Cda-U.S. exchange’s so high. No ignorance meant but I just wont take the courses; thx for your time; appreciated!

  3. Jazmin Roslyn Alexander

    Thank you Jennifer,
    This completely confirms a prophesy I was sent, that it was a vulture prophesy.
    Self-righteous indeed so!!!
    Much appreciated!
    God is good!

  4. Wendy Anderson

    Thank you Jennifer. Encouraging,informative and a reminder. I am getting my ‘live’ company via these videos. I am waiting for apostolic company and team. I love the scripture too, a favourite. Father gave me Isaiah 43:4 Along time ago and just reminded me of it again the other week. Yes I also have to ‘chow’ down on the next manuscript that Father said to write. God bless.

  5. Lizy

    Thise message was such a blessing to me and help me to identify what kind of anointing upon me and also the need for Synergy. Thank you and God bless you much more.


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