In a vision, I saw the Lord standing over a great bush with pruning shears. The silver shears were glistening as light bounced off the blade. He opened and closed the shears quickly, almost as if to send an audible signal to the bush that He was about to perform an unwanted surgery.

In the vision, the Lord began to prune the bush, carefully clipping here and there and then standing back to examine his work. The bush wound up flat on top, like a carefully sculpted work of art, but He didn’t stop there. He looked the base of the bush, the thick woody part that was thrust into the soil. He saw weeds round and about it.

With gardening gloves on, He pulled each weed with precision, pulling up the entire root of the weeds but leaving the base of the bush intact. He then packed fertilizer around the base of the bush and almost instantly it started sprouting beautiful blooms from the the top.

Watch the video to hear the prophetic word and teaching.


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  1. Dayme Joseph

    I am encouraged by this prophetic word. In 2016, God told me that He is rebuilding me;He had me to go back and study the book of Nehemiah.Some of the cutting away from things and individuals the Holy Spirit helped me to do; others, God did it Himself. It did hurt, but not as much now. A few days ago, the Holy Spirit led me to John 15. With this prophetic word, I can rest assure that God has my back! He told me two nights ago after I finished praying to “Be still and know that I am God.”
    God bless you Apostle Jennifer!

    • Tina Joseph

      Wow Dayme!!!! This is so amazing! This year God had me study Nehemiah, and Monday, He had me go to John 15!!!! I know He is doing a mighty work.


    • Marie

      Dayme and Tina, God brought me to Nehemiah last month as well; and this past year has been a very painful pruning journey for me. What He was showing me from the Nehemiah study is that He does not want me looking back at past regrets, mistakes or woulda, shoulda, coulda’s. That He is the God of the future, not regrets. He is telling me to brush those dead branches into a pile and burn them. That He has new plans for me.

  2. Brenda Brown

    Oh my gosh, this has just brought tears , ive been going through something going on 2 years or more now, because of people so vendictive in the work force arena, and which of coarse effects my financial situation, never have i been in this place, stuck, also my sister and i literally got our inheritance pulled from under us, from our Father. That is so hurting in my heart and soul, forget the money, goes deeper. But i know your right, it is a pruning because ive always wanted more and more from the lord like im always searching , studying , praying, spending time alone talking to the Lord and worshipping, seems like its never enough, like a hunger. This is a crucial time to listen and hear the lords voice, and not get distracted. Praise Jesus. And Thank you.

  3. Owoma

    Thanks but can the entire message be text and or audio? This consumes less data and hence more affordable by some of us in the so called ‘THIRD WORLD ‘!

  4. Louise May

    I thought I saw a video on why God hides you away. Can you tell me where to find this?


  5. Sumathi

    Amen and thank you


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