Prophet Ryan Johnson shares with Jennifer LeClaire a disturbing prophetic dream about President Donald Trump and China.

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  1. Apostle Carol Y Miller

    The water represents a spirit that is risen in this administration. In the water rose a devourer with strength to take current people in position out in the admin and causing lives to be nearly destroyed. People are being wounded under this leader. While the gator is taking people out, something is rising to take him out. Something with a bigger agenda is targeting Trump. To nations his ideas is a threat. The global market with China is affected by decisions being made. To eliminate what is seen as a problem, one target the problem maker. Many think he’s making serious mistakes. The enemy will turn on each other to rise on top.

  2. Laura Space

    Years ago I had a dream that I was in a forest in the 16th century. I hung up my weapons on a tree in the forest. People were wanting to worship this dragon and were going to this arena to see it. There were all kinds of nationalities. They were cheering for this dragon to come. It was about 300 people. They were holding up their hands like worshippers. I asked them why they weren’t afraid. It was like they could not hear me. So I got down on the boards and kind of hid. The next thing I knew I had left the arena and fell asleep under this shiny white bench out of sight. When I woke up, the dragon was in the arena and he had killed all the worshippers. Then I got very angry and jumped on the back of the dragon to kill it. (Then I woke up.) This dream reminded a little of your dream.


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