Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. (PSALM 103:1)Merely saying the words, Bless the Lord, doesn’t necessarily “bless” the Lord. There’s much more to  blessing Him than simply saying those words. Blessing the Lord is ministering to Him. When you say from your heart, “Father, I love You. You’re a good God!” it blesses Him. The prophets and teachers in Antioch “ministered to the Lord” in Acts 13:2. They weren’t preaching at Him or exhorting Him to repent. They were praising, worshiping, and loving Him. Anyone who loves has a need to be loved in return. If the object of your love doesn’t love you back, it’s miserable. God is love, and He loves you. (1 John 4:8.) When you love Him, it blesses and ministers to Him!I took my boys and some of their friends out one Saturday when they were about five and seven years old. We spent all day riding horses, playing in the creek, and eating junk food (a special treat while away from Mom). At the end of the day, I cleaned them up and put them to bed after having devotions together. As I turned out the light and was leaving the room, my youngest said, “Dad, you’re a good dad!” That blessed me! He didn’t say, “Bless you, Dad!” but he communicated “Thanks!” and “I love you!” in his own way. It made me want to drag him right out of that bed to go horseback riding all over again!That’s the way it is with your heavenly Father. You may not realize it, but God needs ministry. Pray, “Father, You’re a good dad and an awesome God! Thank You for my health, for letting me live here in this country, for my opportunities, and for my job.” Instead of cursing your life and making it worse, thank Him that it’s as good as it is. God will be so blessed by your love and worship that He’ll want to drag you out of bed and give you everything He can think of to bless you! It’ll just come upon and overtake you. All these other people will still be begging and pleading with God for these things that are just flowing in your life because you love Him.
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