There are many prophetic pitfalls. In this episode of 365 prophetic, Jennifer and her guests identify some of them and help you navigate through them. You can find Jennifer online at You can join Jennifer’s prophetic training at


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  1. Franzeen Newell

    thank you so much for this teaching l not only enjoyed it but learnt something new l am just starting out and you all have helped me alot thank you for sharing about character and humility two things the \lord is doing in myself God Bless you all your an ispiration to us x

  2. Juanita

    I love this word of teaching it’s so neeed because I really am at a time where’s i need to understand how to continue to work on my character flaws and understand how to be apart of ministry at the same time . Understand what happens when my stuff is called out .will continue to work on those things with the god . It makes sense . Amen

  3. Catherine marchildon

    Thankyou much needed message to body of Christ and especially me. Scares me how easy things can creep in. Not a spirit of fear. I love what you said I don’t want my anointing to proceed what my character cannot handle. Me to maybe why its taking so long lol I want this message so deep in me for ever and ever praise God

  4. Stephanie

    Prophetess Jennifer LeClaire, I love that you posted this video! So informative and an such an eye opener. I can 100% attest that what you and your guests are saying is so true! Character and Integrity are so imperative and yet sadly, I’ve run into people in the Body of Christ who seem to rely so much so on their gifting that they don’t feel the necessity to develop in those areas at all. We need more teaching on this.


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