We are at war. We never want to concentrate on anything the devil is doing. We know he’s already been defeated! But, there is a war constantly going on all around us. I share a story in my book, The Happy Intercessor, about traveling with a team up to Mt. Shasta. This beautiful mountain, just north of Redding, is considered to be a place of power and worship for many satanic or occult belief systems. So, I thought, That sounds like the perfect place to bring some godly influence!

I felt that we were to go up the mountain and take Communion, pray, and blow the shofar. I had around 150 people as a team that day, so it was a power-charged group, and they were ready to see God. We spent some time walking around the meadow praying, and then we gathered around the spring and took Communion together. Then I had a friend blow her shofar. After the third blow on the shofar, we all shouted out praise to God. We thought we were the only ones on the mountain that day. We were wrong. As we left the meadow and began to walk out, a few of us walked out the lower trail. As we walked out, we passed a tree, and we could hear someone hissing. All of a sudden, a young man jumped out from under the tree and ran as fast as he could past us and down the meadow. No sooner did this happen then we came upon a lady sitting lotus style (meditation form) trying to channel. When they channel, they use a coming noise, like a shh, shh, shh, repeating it slowly and softly. One of my friends who was with us had used this practice before she got saved, so she knew what was going on. This lady’s air space had been so disrupted by our prayers that she was yelling her shh, shh, shh. My friend looked at me and said, “Well, she won’t be getting anywhere today.”2

We never need to be distracted by the activity of the enemy. But we can be aware of the battle that is going on all around us for our minds, for our authority, for our health, and for our peace. We have the winning hand every time! Every time we take Communion, we remind ourselves that the devil has been defeated. The cross had the final word. But I think everyone has experienced being attacked. I’ll share about this more in Chapter 4, but this past year I have dealt with health issues, and there are moments when I’ve been slammed spiritually. I have had to really lay hold of God’s promises of peace. I’ve always considered myself a peaceful person, but I have had to honestly ask myself, “Do I really believe that I can walk in peace when there are so many things attacking that very thing?”

When I’m taking the bread and the wine in a moment like that, I am in a spiritual battle for my health—spirit, soul, and body. Especially when there’s something going on in my world that is threatening my wholeness, it’s important for me to take Communion more than once a month. It allows me to continually remind myself who I am, who Jesus is, and what He did. Through Communion, I am brought back to the realization of reality: His world is my true reality, not this one.

Several months ago, I had a young woman contact me through text, asking if we could talk. She was sick and had been sick for a while. In fact, for over seven months she had taken three different rounds of antibiotics, but was still not getting well, and no one could figure out what was making her so sick. I began to ask her questions. Whenever I pray for people, many times I’ll ask them questions so that I can figure out why and how a problem started. It’s like a little spiritual detective work that empowers me to pray as effectively and specifically as possible.

In speaking with this young friend, I soon learned that the young man she was dating had previously been married to a woman who was now a practicing witch. Now it made sense. She was being cursed. So I gave her a little homework. I told her that once she got off the phone with me, she was to take Communion and continue to take it every day. While she took Communion, she was to apply the blood of Jesus over her own life and send every curse meant to harm her back to where it came from.

As soon as she got off of the phone, she took Communion and did exactly what I had told her to do. Around midnight, she texted me to say that she was already feeling a little better. She took ahold of the power of the cross, prophesied to her body, and the healing began. By morning, she was completely well. A few days later, she told me that her boyfriend’s ex-wife—the very woman who had been cursing her—had come down with the exact same symptoms that she’d been experiencing for the past seven months. Several months later, our young friend texted me to say, “I’m still taking Communion, and I’m doing great.”

There’s an old hymn I remember singing as a girl, and the words still ring true. “There is power, power, wonder-working power in the blood of the Lamb. There is power, power, wonder-working power in the precious blood of the Lamb.”3 There is enough power in His blood to cancel any curse, to save us from our sins, and to heal our bodies. And that power has not waned in 2,000 years; it is very much alive and well.


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  1. Paula

    Thank you for sharing this. My life and health are being cursed by my ex-husbands wife who is a practicing witch.
    I did not know to pray this way. She is cursing my three children also.

  2. Mayralisa

    There is indeed wonder-working power in the precious blood of the Lamb!

  3. Jerry

    Great word for today, she is totally on target ““There is power, power, wonder-working power in the blood of the Lamb. There is power, power, wonder-working power in the precious blood of the Lamb.”3 There is enough power in His blood to cancel any curse, to save us from our sins, and to heal our bodies. And that power has not waned in 2,000 years; it is very much alive and well.”

  4. Sindee Sunita Sergill

    I’ve been getting sick each year during my fast for 21 days since 2013 and couldn’t figure out why. I got sick again coming back home from Texas on the 13th so I began asking the Lord earnestly what Lord am I missing here. What door is open that the enemy puts this on my body ect. A sister at church has been praying for me during this fast. I received your email days ago but was too sick to look at the screen so I opened and read it and a green light hit me. It’s communion. The Lord told me to take communion during my fast but I forgot. The day I was leaving for my trip I heard the Holy Spirit say take communion so I went to the bottle I keep specifically for that purpose but I got side-tracked and forgot–again. Thank you for your faithful service and sharing knowledge with us. Lookig forward to seeing/hearing you in Coalinga, CA soon. Pray travel mercy and powerful move of God upon the attendees including me.

  5. Diana Hickman

    I love this! I am going to buy communion elements andhave it every day. I know that old hymn. I recently have sung it. I couldn’t remember all the words so I looked the song with lyrics up on you tube. I’m in the middle of fasting so taking communion would add a lot of power to it. Thank you for this article!

  6. Michelle Thornton

    Please pray for me as well. I believe I am going through the same thing.

  7. Mary

    I believe that someone have a curse or witch craft on my family n i i can feel n sense because of related issues going on in my life as well as my children

  8. Donna Kiel

    I testify to the power of taking communion and the powerful Blood of Jesus. I have taken communion each day, whether I am sick or not, for the past year to remind me of the precious and powerful Blood of Jesus and what He has done for me. I was diagnosed with an incurable disease in 2006 and after so many years of health related issues, I no longer claim this diagnosis and I am free from the lying symptoms and medications in Yeshua’s name and by His Blood I am healed and well. I truly believe it is crucial for all children of God to do this often, rather once a day or week. I do not believe once a month is enough. Thank you for this testimony for it is a blessing and you are blessed.

  9. Stephanie V.

    That is so amazing and great strategy. Wonder working power in the blood of Jesus!!!

  10. Erica Nash

    Amen. What a blessing to be reminded of the goodness of the Lord through Communion in this way. Truly His life was given as a ransom for mine so that I may receive goodness, health, sound mind and every other provision. Nothing will be withheld from me. Glory be to God.

  11. Greg Miller

    What a testimony of the power of the Blood of the Lamb in today’s world!

  12. Sara Oceguera

    Thank you for the reminder of taking communion every day. Before I would wait for the church to due it but I always missed the Sunday that’s when church does communion. Thank you Holy Spirit for revelation and I’m in the same situation the lady you spoke to. I’ll start doing today as the blood of Jesus has healed me I decree this commitment to do it every day in his holy name amen

  13. Arlene

    I suffered a minor stroke in June 2018 and I have been taking communication and applying the blood. Doctors don’t know why caused it except so say you may or may not get better. I believe it’s an attack of witchcraft but I have never though to send back the curse. I will do that now. Thank you fir sharing.

  14. Adri

    I would so love to get this book. Sounds exactly like what I need

  15. Jenny Mary Baibuni

    Praise the Lord God Almighty for the powerful testimony Iam blessed yeah our Defence and protection is from God Almight. And at the name of Jesus all demons flee, his blood is very powerful there is healing, victory, redemption and blessing amen.

  16. Lizy

    I m so much Blessed by this article. Almost all the mails and the teachings stirred me up to draw closer to God. I always sensed a perfect Alignment between what I was meditating and going through in life with your articles you ve been posting.
    Thank you so much
    May God Bless you.

  17. Sumathi

    Thank you for seeing God at work. I remember while living in Indonesia a few years ago. There is a similar mountain. I don’t remember it’s name. Infact similar places where the evil spirit controls people passing by too. I always wished there were people who would be able to break all this evil. And with Apostle Jennifer going there soon I trust and believe that will be the beginning of the evil spirits that dominate those poor people.

  18. Jen

    In Montana Wicca and masonic members are ever increasing. I have been targeted by some evil reprobate wiccans. They have hit my trees bad with herbicides. They astral project in my home. I have prayed for their salvation and now it’s time to pray for them to hit their bottom. I have seen how wicked and deviant the men are so please pray their leader will lose everything so they realize it can happen to them too. Her name is KL. Thank you and God bless. They are reprobate and not playing, they mean harm… If God hadn’t literally made me hear a conversation I probably would have needed a mental ward. Enough….
    They need to hit the bottom so they can see how pathetic they are. Jesus is Lord.
    Shalom. I am pathetic without Jesus but
    He says to put the works of Satan under our feet… Thank you!! Curses sent from hell return to where it started and fall to the ground.

  19. Vicky

    This article was very informative. I used to believe that curses from witches would not work on believers until I came under attack. While I thank God that the curses did not work it is warfare that I could have lived without. I am on the other side now and I think to complete the assignment I will take communion daily until I see results.

  20. Myrtle Hunkins

    This is such a blessing it reminds me what I am going for the past 4years but I will be delieved in the Name of Jesus

  21. Linda

    I highly respect Beni and you. Just want to know what you think about sending a curse back to where it came from. I know some who send it to the feet of Jesus and He can do as He likes with it. Just wondering if we are to bless and curse not.


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