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  1. Tammy Mccluskey

    This is such an answer to my prayers for confirmation! Thank you Jennifer!!

  2. Ines

    What, concretely, does “the economical subjection of women mean? Are the authors of the Public Statement arguing that women can”t, for example, hold political office? Or does it mean they can”t serve on parish councils? Regarding the slippery slope argument, while the experience of other Christian communities can be illustrative for the Church, I”m not sure they have any predictive value for us. The fact that a heterodox community deviated further from the historical Christian faith is tragic but hardly surprising. The existence of deaconesses is attested to in Scripture and the Fathers. While we can debate the exact historical nature of their ministry and whether or not they are a pastoral necessity today, blessing an Orthodox woman to serve as a deaconess is legitimate. Again, let”s debate what the deaconess did and what if anything she might do today. But there is nothing wrong in principle with restoring the order.


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