I am calling the watchman, intercessors, prophet sand seers in the United Kingdom to come together. The Lord has commissioned me to stand with your nation. I am coming into the continent monthly to pray and train. Connect with me at https://stage.jenniferleclaire.org. Partner with this mission at https://stage.jenniferleclaire.org/missions.


Our gift of this article by is made possible by your gracious support of the ministry. Partner with us online to help us continue touching the nations with present-day truth. 


  1. Joseph Lu

    I live in south of London, Surrey, felt led to be a ‘watchman’ last 3 years. I’d like to know more about your call to London.

    • prophet in waiting

      yes + AMEN. so would i 😇🙏🙌👆☝

  2. Patricia Oke-Agbinor

    I am passionate about prophesy and intercession and will like to be part of this.
    I leave in Croydon and will like to be link to the Croydon branch.


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