Christians and the Trance Realm

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 24, 2019|

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14 Next Generation Challenges to the Apostolic Movement

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 31, 2019|

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How Pentecostal Churches Took Over the World

by Davo Roos | June 14, 2019|

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True Differences Between Apostolic and Prophetic Function

by Joseph Mattera | March 29, 2019|

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15 Contrasts Between True and False Apostolic Leaders 

by Joseph Mattera | June 22, 2018|

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3 Sure Signs of a False Apostle

by Jennifer LeClaire | March 21, 2017|

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Bold Prophecy: Apostolic Women Arise and Pick Up Mantles of Old

by Jennifer LeClaire | November 6, 2016|

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Why You Need the Apostolic Grace

by Jennifer LeClaire | June 26, 2014|

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Why Is the Body of Christ Split Into 38,000 Parts?

by Jennifer LeClaire | April 19, 2012|

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The Malachi Mandate: A Need for Spiritual Fathers and Mentors

by Jennifer LeClaire | December 11, 2009|

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Iron versus Iron: Staying Sharp in the Midst of the Battle

by Jennifer LeClaire | November 16, 2009|

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Christians

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 21, 2009|

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Unbelievable, Absurd, Inconceivable — Mysticism

by Jennifer LeClaire | March 17, 2009|

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