Christians and the Trance Realm

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 24, 2019|

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Battling Occult Assignments Against the President

by Jeffrey Cimmino | October 25, 2019|

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A Wave of Travail Will Usher in the Greatest Move of God

by Lana Vawser | September 24, 2019|

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God Says: It Is Time to RAMP UP the Intercession!

by Nellie O'Hara | September 24, 2019|

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God Wants to Open Up New Wells Inside of You

by John and Brandi Belt | September 22, 2019|

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Shields Up! Prayer Alert for Iran and the Middle East

by Cindy Jacobs | September 20, 2019|

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The Two-Fold Blessing God Wants to Give You and Your Family!

by Demontae Edmonds | September 19, 2019|

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Victory Keys to Break Demonic Powers Off of Your Soul

by Katie Souza | August 22, 2019|

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Praying Effective Bloodline Prayers for Transforming Results

by Hrvoje Sirovina | August 5, 2019|

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My Answer to Critics of the Prayer Movement

by John Kelly | August 4, 2019|

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10 Ways God

10 Ways God’s Love for Women Is Seen in the Bible

by Tamela Turbeville | August 1, 2019|

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What to Expect When God Promotes You

by Jennifer Eivaz | July 30, 2019|

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