In my new book, 101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare, I offer strategies to fight. But many are still circulating the ‘no spiritual warfare’ heresy. Before I set out to teach on this topic, I had to set the record straight with the truth from the Word of God.

You can find the book, as well as strategic spiritual warfare bundles, here. You can watch an entire webinar on spiritual warfare at You can find the book on Amazon here.


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  1. Vonnie Coleman

    Is not being supposed to fight in second heaven part of this spiritual heresy?

  2. Vanessa McGee-Smith"DBA"

    I believe You.
    Buttt..Why Is This So Not Made Plain Information In The Word.I’m listening to what you’re saying is True.Ive been through this.Omg
    Ohh,could you send me that New Book in exchange for the 39.00 I paid for a class I didn’t get the notice for ..Guess I fell through the cracks.
    You’re awesome..Not many teach On What You’re saying.
    I’m running for President..Your Information Is Most Needed.
    Sincerely I am Apostle Vanessa McGee Smith DBA Kearney..

  3. Brenda Brown

    Amen totally agree with you. Do not give place to the Devil, and we do need these strategies and we cannot be complacent. I have tested it! You spoke of getting in agreement with warring with you, and as soon as I did this, that evening the Goliaths from 15 years ago tried coming back into my dreams night visions, but the Lord showed me, also in this dream! to not go backward to press in forward !! As David did! The devil is trembling and is fleeing!!

  4. Alma Jean Hannah

    Thanks for that scripture mentioned.
    Resist the devil and submit yourself to God. As I pray dialy this scripture comes to mind and i been speaking it and praying for my love ones to do so also.
    👏💯God bless you and keep you!

  5. Geraldine Hidalgo

    I’m so glad that you put this teaching out … Thank God ! I know God is teaching me and He told me that when we have an attack we have to strategically know how to fight it.Sometimes I have to plae the blood or I have to pray in tongues . Sometimes I have to decrease things or pray in the understanding and talk to the situation. Just like the army it has certain tactics that have to be used . This season for some reason there has been been an onslaught of witchcraft, etc. One night I got up because I saw 911 number like a neon light flash before my eyes. So I went to prayer and said Psalm 91 and prayed in tounges … And did all I needed to know . Next day witchcraft manifested in my daughter and I was prepared to come against it and Hallelujah ! …. God was able to use me to attack it and bring it down ! I can feel the demons not like it this because I feel the headache oppression on me as I write this comment ! But the blood! blood! blood of Jesus! Glory !!!!! All gone now….. I’m bursting with joy now !

  6. Gary Brown

    Ive been in a battle for 16 months. I have been interceeding to get my wife to return to me and for this legal case to be lifted. I need advice. Where can I get your book?


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