Receive these decrees, and partner with Heaven on purpose.

By Jodie Hughes

I receive this truth, and I partner with heaven on purpose as I pray and decree this year to establish on earth what heaven is releasing in my nation and my family.


My voice is powerful and my decrees shape nations. My prayers are anointed and my declarations shift circumstances.

My nation is awakening even now to Jesus love and Gods miraculous rescue.

My nation is marked for revival fire and the harvest is running home to you Father and they will find healthy family and a life giving tribe.

My family is increasing in hunger after God, and goodness, and kindness are hunting them down as salvation knocks on their door. My family is walking in their God given dreams and passions, leading to deep heart connection to their creator.

I will flourish in THIS season, and I will not delay allowing my heart to thrive and enjoy this season, starting from now.

My maximum potential will rise and shine as I engage my full heart in this year.

I will keep a short account with you Holy Spirit and allow you to highlight any areas where upgrade is needed.

I will not allow the accuser to inhibit or destroy family connection, but I receive Jesus heart for those God has connected to me.

I will operate in the fullness of what the Holy Spirit has made available for me to impact the world around me.

I am advancing and taking ground. I am moving forward into hope and activation of all the Lord has for me.

I am increasing in wisdom.

I receive grace and tell all shame and fear to go in Jesus name. I receive forgiveness from Jesus and I release forgiveness. I am a releaser of shame-free atmospheres and peace releasing words.

I am unoffendable this year. I walk in honor and kindness. I am the greatest of encouragers and I cheer on the bride as she transforms and arises to her greatest victories.

My soul is restored in Your Manifest Presence, and I am rising from the ashes in beauty and joy, stronger and wiser and well equipped to thrive.

I trust You to provide all I require to walk in the fullness of my call, and I trust You with my promises and my process.

I am strong and have grown even stronger even under enemy fire. I am prepared and positioned well to steward fruitfulness and abundant harvest.

I am a warrior that wields the weapons of warfare with love, passion, faithfulness, and boldness. I praise wholeheartedly, I pray persistently, and I believe heaven is infusing earth as I decree and releasing Gods solutions.

I decree heaven’s heart, and I do not partner with division, fear, or dishonor, as I choose to celebrate what God IS doing, and not attack where I see lack.

Impossible situations and circumstances surrender and turnaround as I pray to the God of the all things are possible and release life.

No weapon formed against me shall proper, and I am surrounded by heavenly host as I take ground and take faith steps into God dreams.

2018 is a year of unprecedented harvest and revival impacting my family, my community, my city, and my nation. Everywhere I go I release possibilities, miracles, solutions, hope, healing, salvation, and encounters with Jesus.

My heart burns for Jesus, and I am a contagious revival fire starter that sparks deeper love for Jesus wherever God leads me. My heart yearns for more of You in my midst.

Jesus is reversing effects of enemy hits and restoring and completing every promise he has spoken to me and my family.

I am positioned and ready for encounters with Gods Manifest Presence that marks me. I am increasingly hungry for the more of God. I am expectant of miracles, and I am growing in connected friendship and love with Jesus and His family. I hear His whispers and I receive His wisdom.

I am on fire for Jesus, and I release revival, hope, and grace to those around me.

Your Word breathes life into me. I am hungry to read life transforming Scriptures and discover fresh revelation and hidden manna in your word for my season. I am stirred by your Spirit, compelled to rest in your peace, and eager to hear your secrets and grow in your wisdom this year. I am thankful you call me friend and am my greatest desire is to intimately know your heart.

It’s easy to hear your voice and discern your ways. I am expectantly following where Your Presence leads in 2018, knowing this is always good as you are good.

This is a fruitful and favored year. I will walk into the fullness of my call and do all that God asks of me. The enemy will not prevent my advancement into promise and your truths Father God.

This is a year that brings the greatest of joy to me and my family.  I will release this same joy and real hope to all in my influence. I will not listen to the lies and schemes of the enemy of my soul. I will partner with heaven and not with darkness.

I charge my weapons of warfare and release faith-directed declarations that release heaven and transform the earth.

I am loved and treasured by God. I am alive in Him and fully accepted in Him. I am growing in wisdom, character, grace, and gifting. I am thriving planted in His heart and the house of the Lord, wholeheartedly serving and surrendering to my Father in heaven.

I receive the harvesters anointing. My heart burns for those around me to know salvation.

I will have no fear of things shaking in the world as I am safe and secure in my Gods abundant peace. Fear is from the enemy and peace is active and alive in my heart.

I am fully participating with all God has for me this year and fully giving of my heart to Father God and allowing Him to fill me, refresh me, revive me and use me.

I am a warrior of fierce love and a child of the most loving Father. I receive and release heaven’s heart in all I do. This is a year of great harvest and great victories.

I am marked for encounters of glory and a drinker of all you are pouring out. I eagerly receive ALL You are generously pouring out. I eagerly lean in for even more! I believe you Lord, and I love you deeply Jesus. I will see your glory and fire flowing and spreading in, on and around me.

Along with her husband, Jodie Hughes is Co Founder and Director of Pour It Out Ministries and Senior Leader of Pour It Out Church on the Sunshine Coast. She has ministered extensively throughout Australia (including significant time in country & regional areas), New Zealand, Fiji, India and America.

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