We need to start paying attention to what we’re thinking about and the origin of those thoughts. We need to be quicker to listen to the inner talk going on in our souls. When we do, we’ll start to notice demonic strategies against our lives.


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  1. Vanessa

    Good stuff. From the start of my walk with the Lord my mind and thoughts have been the biggest battles in my life. I declare every morning in my prayer, “that my mind is captive by the thoughts of Christ Jesus that i meditate in what is righteous, true and noble and praise worthy”.(Phillipians) and i rebuke all workers of inequity to speak to me. Which the Lord told me a while back to pray every morning.Goodness but i just hate were my mind can take me.Cause of my past and memories. Which i believe our imagination gathers by things we watch, hear and experience. So important to live a life of holiness set apart for the Lord. That way the enemy got nothing.i thought it was interesting about the part where you went in to fort Lauderdale. No offense to Florida. But i just moved back here and i just feel there is lots of oppression in Florida. I lived in Oklahoma City for 10yrs. And when i would come to visit family in FL. So much oppression and just the spiritual atmosphere. Florida needs lots of prayer. I been in FL for almost 2yrs and have gone through i would say worse trails of my walk with the Lord. But thank God He is my sustainer and ive leanered much.i interceed a lot for Broward county which i live in. I hope to see big change and revival in Florida. God is good and has the best in mind for us. The Truth sets us free.

  2. Marie

    Omg I needed this today!!! Thank you for this post! It was exactly what I needed to hear today. How can I get on you daily prayer call?

  3. Robin

    So glad you posted this! And thank you for thee prayer for discernment. I have a much better understanding about what vain imaginings actually are! God bless!

  4. Nick Cooper

    Good stuff Jennifer- “just stop for a minute and think about what I’m thinking about! The origin of “where in the heck did that thought come from just now?”Me aint always me-so i gotta figure out—or discern the source..These sources for me have normally been either God, the devil, or me..thanks for expanding how the devil talks to me in the 1st person.. 😱 Ya just give me mo to tink about-but I love ya for it.. Nick


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