My new book is finally out. It’s called Doubtless: Faith that Overcomes the Word.

Doubt is more than a mindset that prevents us from casting the proverbial mountain into the sea. It’s the doorway to unbelief. It’s the cousin of fear and suspicion that blocks faith and discernment. It’s the reason hope dies, faith fades and prayers go unanswered.

Stop doubt dead in its tracks and build faith that overcomes the world with practical teachings will give you a new perspective on how to walk out God’s Word. In Doubtless, Jennifer equips you to:

• Discern the subtle voice of doubt and unbelief
• Avoid the dream killer called self-doubt
• Overcome the fear that follows doubt
• Develop the “great faith” that demands results
• Fight the good fight of faith and have victory every time
• And much more!

Check back soon. We’re redesigning the site with a whole new look and feel.


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