Someone recently prophesied to me that “God is shaking loose all the bloodsuckers trying to hang on for a free ride.” That resonated with my spirit so I started looking up definitions—and looking for the bloodsuckers.

What is a bloodsucker? Simply stated, a bloodsucker is an animal that sucks blood, a leech, a mosquito, or a tick. 

Collins English Dictionary defines bloodsucker is “any creature that sucks blood from a wound that it has made in an animal or person.” Synonyms for bloodsucker include predators, sharks, vultures, wolves and vampires.

So, what’s a vampire? According to Merriam-Webster, it’s “the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep; one who lives by preying on others.”

Saints, wake up. It’s time to cut off the bloodsuckers in your life. In this video, I explain how.


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  1. Susan Horgan

    Your Ministry is SO fantastic. I love, Love your honesty. Thank You!!

    • Rev. Sophia Snyder

      Thanks I appreciate you. It does resonate with me. Wise counsel.

    • Sheri Keen

      This is a very timely word!!
      Thank you!

    • David Jones

      This lady is a spiritual GIANT. A chief Apostle. She is the latest and greatest cutting edge preacher. The modern day Joan of Arc. A fiery,feisty, firebrand, furious against the works of darkness. A Redheaded Ronda Rousey in the Kingdom of God. YIKERS!

    • Valerie McDonough

      When its not the people doing it, it is the demons working on the mind to drain you out.

  2. Michelle LeBlanc

    I bless you! I love your spirit, and I covet your covering and prayers. I cannot wait to meet you someday.

  3. WS

    This message spoke to specifically to my situation/circumstances pertaining to my mother. I distanced myself many years ago but for the past 15 years I have been left to care for her and I am constantly mentally and emotionally depleted. My young child has suffered as a result of this and asks me constantly can we move away and leave her behind. Tried to talk with siblings about her behavior and I am ignored because they don’t want to be bothered. I feel like Joseph, thrown into the pit and then sold into slavery by siblings. Please pray for me because it has to end.

    • BJ

      WS – I Pray God shows up, it is 12 yrs for me with my Dad… Same deal here, Health is failing & dad has No care in the world. Release an Oil Of Joy Lord & bring Justice in the courts. Happy Easter 🙂

    • Gail

      I had a similar situation with my mom with regard to being the only one caring for her. At the end of her life she thanked me for being such a good daughter and that she wouldn’t be able to do it without me. You might want to pray about hiring help or assisted living because you have a responsibility to your child and once those young years are gone you can’t get them back. Take time for yourself and your son to be emotionally, physically and spiritually recharged but most importantly be led by the Spirit.

  4. ori

    I repent from being a parasite and bloodsucker. I will give.

  5. Angela Jennings

    This has truly helped me.Thank you Apostle Jennifer!Bless you!!

  6. David J Goodale

    Do you thank that Satan comes when your sleeping to control your thoughts? I think sometimes God allows it to make us stronger.When, sometimes it happens, brings me closer to Jesus. It lets me get my bearings of where I stand, with the Christ. He came to me at my moment of salvation, I will never forget what He has done for me in my life. To show God’s love through the Christ, is to live as close to Him, to put on the full armor, to never take it off. Most importantly, never take it off. And listen who is speaking, and what they are saying. whether the one who is speaking is Satan to make me fall, or from God in helping me along my way.We all are tempted to make us grow in His will.

  7. Leon Spangler

    This just wonderful teaching right now I’m home recovery from Heart surgery and I have a blood sucker that you discribed to the T Thank You so much for this word

  8. Sandra

    Thank you Jennifer I’m drained from witnessing over an over an over to my family I am making a point to stop they never call have not called in over 3 years I felt like god you picked me out of my whole family to lead them thank u I’m stopping cause like Joseph even tho u forgive it’s still painful

  9. terri figgers

    That’s for me. I had to cut off more than one blood sucker. Glory to God. your conformation let me know that God was leading me right. Wow! I needed that because I have been letting God use me to minister to them but they only brought drama.

  10. Liza Farrell-Toulouse

    Thank you! The Jezebel spirit, religious spirit & Narcissist personality disorder are linked. My husband of 25 years has gone berserk at 52 years ( manopause?). He has run off with other women( plural) , abandoned the family ( does buy groceries & pays home bills). I struggled with the information to go NO Contact as not being Christ like. However since breaking total connection there is definitely more peace in the home, my soul & spirit. Also he has finally removed all the cursed/ occult magic collection from the house. That along with his porn addiction opened the doorway to his being possessed/ obsessed by Satan.

  11. Susan

    Let me encourage you friends, it is so worth it to do what Jennifer is suggesting. I had a friend who was a blood sucker. Over and over throughout the years of our friendship, my husband would say, “Do you really think Karen is good for you?”. Finally one day it hit me: I needed to break off the friendship. So I ended it………I feel so free! It’s been several years now, and I have so much more time and emotional energy to do what God has called me to do.

  12. David Jones

    Sounds like what Lot was doing when he was with Abraham. It was not until Abraham was finally away from Lot that God would show Abraham clearly what He had planned for him.

  13. David Jones

    I have seen many church leaders who use people to build their ministry, instead of using their ministry to build people. They manipulate people with the scriptures in order to get money from them, but do not care to have true fellowship with them. Excellent warning to guard against these Charismatic Vampires. Thanks. Apostle David Jones

  14. David Jones

    Can a toxic soul tie be a blood sucking vampire?

  15. Sheri Keen

    This!! I had many, many years of this!! Very difficult to break away. But once you do, such freedom!!! AMEN!!


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