Do you know your sound?

By Jamila Jordan Moody

After arriving home Friday, March 9th from work, I took some time to just sit in the presence of the LORD. I didn’t have a lot to say and I didn’t have a multitude of questions like I normally do – I just wanted to sit there and listen for HIS voice. And suddenly as I sat there, waiting on what ABBA would say, HE began to bombard my hearing and my vision with multiple prophetic encouragements, visions and various other downloads. In one of the open visions, I remember catching a glimpse of a beautiful symphony orchestra in heaven during a tuning session. As I wrote down what the FATHER gave me concerning that vision, I remember HIM opening my ears to hear each instrument and their distinct sound. It was amazing as each one swept over me. And then as soon as my hearing was opened to hear, the sound stopped abruptly, and I heard the FATHER ask this question, “do you know your sound?”

Immediately upon hearing that, my spirit leapt and responded, “hammer and horn/trumpet.” Now mind you, I hadn’t opened my mouth to verbalize one word, this whole conversation I had with the FATHER in my heart. If can take a moment to be completely transparent here – I wasn’t feeling much like a hammer, a horn, a trumpet or anything like that. In fact, I’ve been feeling more like a muffled trumpet with a mute in it to altered and diminish sound. And to just be even more real here – I’ve been feeling completely lost, bound and stripped of my identity all together. But I thank GOD for HIS great love, HIS grace and HIS mercy because HE began to encourage my spirit.

Prophetic Encouragement

As the FATHER ministered to me about my call and my sound. He spoke these words, “Until you find your sound, until you embrace your sound, you will be like a discordant note.” HE went on to download this in my spirit, “an oboe is not a violin and a violin is not a flute. Release your sound and as you surrender to the FATHER, HE will cause the many sounds being released in the earth from HIS sons and daughters to become as ONE harmonic sound that is music to the ears of the FATHER but TERROR to hell.”

Beloved of GOD, I have come with this encouragement to share with you, “know and embrace your sound,” because you are a vital instrument in the earth. You are a vital instrument in the orchestra of heaven. Know your sound, embrace your sound and be not consumed nor concerned with how different or how similar the sound you release is to others. Do not feel as if your sound is not needed because it’s not as loud, pronounced or profound as others. Release your sound for it is the sound of the LORD that HE has given you to release in this hour – embrace it: for it is a beautiful yet devastatingly powerful sound that brings joy to the heart of the FATHER and puts terror in the heart of hell because it is destruction to the kingdom of darkness. My GOD hallelujah, I feel the FIRE of GOD on that.

I so love the FATHER because in HIM sharing this revelation with me, HE also reminded me of this prophetic release I received last month some time during a worship service that further confirms the necessity of this word NOW. Here is what the FATHER said, “Release your sound, for in your release glory comes, in your surrender glory falls, in your yes glory falls, in your yes glory falls. Your turn around is in the glory. Your hope is in the glory. Your elevation is in the glory. Your strength is in the glory. I release unto you glory. I release unto you glory. You are my beloved. I bathe you in glory. You are my beloved. I cover you in glory. You are my called, I bathe you in glory. You are my beloved, I strengthen you in the glory. You are my love, you are my love, you are my beloved, I strengthen you in glory. I release glory. I strengthen you in glory. You are my glory. I seal you in glory, my beloved. I strengthen you in glory. Open up, fear no man. Open up, hold back no more. Open up, release your sound. Open up and release. Open up and fear no more. Open up and release. Open up and pour. Open up. Open up. Open up and pour. Open up in JESUS name. Release my beloved release.”

Be encouraged warrior of GOD for your sound has chased a thousand as Deuteronomy 32:30 says but a greater blow to hell is coming through the UNIFIED sound of GOD’S SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA that shall be released in this hour. Yes! The unified sound of HIS sons and daughters in the earth. Be encouraged and embrace your sound. Know you sound and RELEASE! There’s so much more burning in my spirit with this but I pray you are encouraged and stirred in this release to embrace and release your sound as it is VITAL to the KINGDOM and it is vital to your family in CHRIST – every unique aspect of it. ARISE and RELEASE!

Psalm 89:15 – Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!

They walk, O Lord, in the light of Your countenance.

Jamila Jordan Moody is a , prophet, psalmist, poet, and a Christian author. She carries an intense love for the FATHER and HIS presence as well as an unwavering obedience to HIS will because of the great grace HE’S poured upon her life.

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