God is speaking to you all the time. The more you understand His hidden voice, the better you will know your God-given destiny. As the Lord awakens our God-given creative spirit, we discover that He can speak through just about anything.

There are so many ways to express our creativity through art, writing, inventions, ideas, problem solving and music—the possibilities are endless. Jesus taught deep spiritual insights about the Kingdom of God through symbolic stories called parables. Many movies, songs, and various art forms have hidden messages and are essentially modern-day parables.

Even Tattoos?

Most of us are not aware that many things are ringing out with prophetic messages and deeper insight from God, be they movies, music, dreams, or even tattoos and piercings—if God can speak through Balaam’s donkey then He can also speak to people through the symbolism of their body art! I will say upfront that I don’t have any tattoos and I am not for or against them, but what I’ve noticed is that about a billion people have tattoos.

For a number of years, I have been interpreting the symbolism in tattoos using the same understanding of dreams. It might sound strange to some at first, but I’ve been seeing an amazing response when we help people understand that God may be speaking to them not only in their dreams but also through the design they chose for the tattoo or the type of piercing that they have. It is best to not judge things that you don’t understand.

What If I’m Not Creative?

The options of how God can speak to us are endless because God has no limits and He loves everyone. Do not be put off from the topic of creativity if you feel that you are not creative. The fact is, we are all creative! God created the heavens and the earth, and we were created in His image (Genesis 1:27). That means we all have a built-in desire to create.

Creativity is not just for artists, musicians, dancers, and designers. You can be creative as a bookkeeper, banker, stay-at-home mom, programmer, attorney, or any other type of work. We can all be creative because God has given us a creative spirit. God is limitless, so what you can do through His love, power, and strength has no limits as well!

God loves you and desires for you to succeed and prosper. The more you know God as a loving Father, the better you will hear His voice. He is not mad at you, as many people portray Him to be. God is full of mercy and wants to see you succeed. The Holy Spirit is in you, and you have access to all that you need to get a breakthrough and help others do the same!

It is time to jumpstart your creative flow and open your ability to hear the voice of God in all the areas of your life. People everywhere are trying to express themselves. What you might not realize is that there are prophetic messages behind a lot of these creative expressions, like ringtones, clothing, jewelry, music, and bumper stickers. We are all giving each other clues about what we value, which helps us connect with our true selves and God.

Interpreting the Clues

Most people do not have eyes to see that these things are important for hearing the voice of God. I started noticing them years ago. Now I use this revelation to help people discover clues about their destiny and how God is speaking to them through their choices of creative expression.

I first discovered this during my early computer business experiences. While sitting at a person’s desk fixing the computer, God would speak to me through their pictures or items they had in their office.

I had no idea it was even okay to do this. No one had trained me on it. In fact, the people leading prophetic ministry at my church at the time taught us to only say what God is saying to you—like a prophetic download—and to not look at natural things. But the fact was, God would speak to me through prophetic messages in art, music, and movies to receive solutions and strategies.

Keep in mind that there are no limits to how God can flow through you. When He begins to do something new, quite often we have to give up our old ways of thinking and doing things!

God is opening up new revelation and understanding for us during what might seem like a challenging and difficult time on the earth. Ask the Lord to speak to you each day and get ready to receive!


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  1. orodst@aol.com

    Thank you for your message of creativity
    Question here in Isaiah 44:5 what’s is you input on this verse
    Write on his hand? That he was the Lords
    Do you suppose a tattoo on himself to show he was the Lords?


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