When I taught this seminar, I had just come through one of the biggest trials of my life. During that time, there were days that I wasn’t sure I could take anymore. If I didn’t know the Lord was on my side, I would have given up. I needed grace. I needed strength. And I needed to hear His voice clearly because to make the wrong decision had serious consequences.

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  1. Susan Horgan

    Excellent Message. I recently went through a long trial, So riddled with Emotion, I had to Give Up. I gave up so then the emotion gripping me fell off of me. Then, things started to change. And then I could hear!

  2. David Long

    I know how it feels because I want go through a divorce after 25 years and lost all my savings trying a business. I am 60 no wife no business no savings but I have Jesus and He will pull me through. I trust in the Holy Spirit beyond my wrong decisions and sinful ways.

    • Sonia

      God will remain faithful inspite of our mistakes. He will restore the years that were stolen. Joel 2 . Stay strong.

  3. James Naftzinger

    I have been in a lot of turmoil. My marriage and life in general have really hit rock bottom. While I have faith it has been shaken to the core. Now trying to find direction in my life.

  4. Susan Sanchez

    Thank you for the prayer/ for your post. God bless you Apostle LeClaire 🕊🙏💗👍!!!


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