I want to personally endorse and recommend this book by Yolanda Stith. I believe the insight and revelation you will receive in Invisible Battlegrounds will be a major tool for your life. Yolanda has unraveled truths concerning the invisible battleground through her life experiences and the word of God. Her insight concerning this subject is full of wisdom and power.

This book will assist you and properly equip you to fight the powers of darkness. The invisible battleground is a realm that is difficult for many to understand. I have taught on the reality of spiritual warfare for many years and it takes wisdom from God to comprehend the importance of this subject.

The truths in this book will help you walk in victory. The invisible realm determines what occurs in the physical realm. Because it is not seen by the natural eye it is usually hidden from view. It takes discernment and revelation to comprehend this realm. This is why the truths in this book are important for you as a believer. These truths will help you navigate the spiritual realm that determine the physical realm.

What Yolanda has learned through experience will help you win the battles that you encounter. There is a wealth of information in this book that will contribute to the growing knowledge of spiritual warfare. We cannot be ignorant of Satan’s devices. Ignorance is a sure way to defeat. Knowledge and wisdom are essential to win this battle.

As you read the words in this book I pray the Lord will give you understanding in a subject that is often difficult to comprehend. Many believers draw back from this subject because of its difficulty. Do not be afraid to study and grow in knowledge in this area. This book will assist you in your growth and development as a believer. Yolanda Stith has a proven ministry. I have seen her work and faithfulness over the years. Her success can be traced to her willingness to fight and teach on this subject. I want you to hear the words of her heart that are expressed in this new release.

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