When I had an encounter with the Lord last fall at the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders—an encounter that led me to start raising up seers and seeing people—I had no idea the journey the Lord would take me on through the seer realm. There are hidden mysteries and secret places He’s inviting me—and many others—into.


As I’ve studied the Bible and pressed into the Holy Spirit’s revelation, He has given me what I believe are key words for seers in this season. Here is one prophetic word I received before I left for my life-changing journey through Sweden and London:


I am mantling seers in this season—seers who have turned to see the voice speaking to them, to record the dreams and visions I have revealed to them, and to steward the mysteries I’ve unlocked to them–with an anointing to enter into a new dimension of My grace, My revelation and My glory. I am inviting My seers to forget about the persecution of the past and embrace the next level of My calling for them.


I am opening the eyes of believers who have been crying out for their hearts to be enlightened. I will pour out visions, dreams, spiritual encounters and utterances that eye has not seen nor ear heard. I am calling you to rise up and look again and again and again; to be watchful in the spirit because I will show you things to come in the days ahead. I will show you new dimensions of My glory. I will show you the enemy’s operations. I will even show you the intents and motives of hearts.


You can go as deep and far as you choose to go. I am inviting you to study My Word. I am inviting you to study My heart. Your dedication to the study of your gift will unlock more and more, and the mantle will cause you to operate in higher realms. Don’t neglect the study of My Word. Stay rooted and grounded in My holy Scriptures for this is your safeguard against deception in an hour where I will pour out a new wave of anointing on My seers.


Do not move beyond the boundaries of My Word but do not reject spiritual experiences without deep study because I am going to do some things in this hour that go beyond milk. I am offering My seers the meat of the Word—deeper revelations many around you will not understand but that you will embrace by faith.


I am dissecting this word; praying through this word; and seeking to walk in this word. The seer ministry has been largely rejected in the body of Christ, but the Lord is shining a light on this gift. We can expect the enemy to rise up and pervert what God is raising up, hence his admonition to stay rooted in Scripture even as the Spirit takes you places you’ve never seen. Amen.


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  1. Virginia Lewis

    To God be the Glory,
    Thank U WOG for this prophetic word. May the Glory of the Lord rest upon U. Shalom.

  2. Mario Kozinczzak

    Do you have examples that you would share of studying the word and the heart of God, something that can be seen and or illustrated like a picture?

  3. Tanisha Cooper

    Jennifer, I can feel the anointing of these words as my eyes get welled up with tears!
    Thank you for your powerful ministry & for being obedient to God’s call on your life that’s blessing so many of us.

  4. Tanisha Cooper

    I do believe I have a Seer & Prophetic anointing on my life, & am grateful for your ministry to equip the saints with the tools & training for these gifts. May the Lord’s grace, peace & favor heavily rest upon & keep you.

  5. Christina

    Praise God

  6. Linda Peck

    I so agree with this word! Jan 1, 2018 we turned a corner and emerged in a “broader place” as far as engaging Heaven and earth – God has called us to reaffirm our covenant with him and re-consecrate ourselves to his service. He is mantling his seers with a renewed hunger for his Presence and his Word, and given us AUTHORITY to speak into being what we have SEEN to be true about his nature and his Kingdom.

  7. georgia martin

    Receive this word! I think it is right on! I often “see” things in my spirit that seem so obvious to me and others don’t get it, yet it seems so obvious!….

  8. Estelle Plummer

    I am astounded at the revelation of the Lord!! Pray for me as I want to go deeper!!May God bless you always.

  9. Debra Titsworth

    Amen, I receive this word for my myself. Thank you, I am excited to see what God is showing us!

  10. Pamela Beatty

    Thank you for posting this!!! This is confirmation to what He has told me….. God bless you!!!


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