I heard a rumbling in my spirit and prayed into it. The Lord showed me it was the sound of Jehu riding. It’s time to throw Jezebel down! You can find my materials on Jezebel, Jehu, witchcraft, and more at https://stage.jenniferleclaire.org. You can get equipped at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv.



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  1. Linda Couch

    I agree!! Jezebel spirit and python have been runamucking for too long. Byime for an arrest!!!

  2. Sheila Arnone

    Good morning. Jennifer!

    Is there a full message on this topic or is this clip all there is at this moment in time?

  3. Sharon Cole

    Informed Witches Covan around us.
    Neighbors just bought houses next to and in front of us are wicans. Heavy demonic oppression. Everything is dying and breaking.

    • Jane


      Pray every three hours, the watch hours, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, 12midnite, everyday. Asking God in Jesus name to loose legions of angels with swords of flaming fire and chariots of fire, standing on scriptures Hebrews 1:14, Matt 26:53, Psalm103:20, 2Kings 6:16 to encamp around your neighbourhood, your family-name them, pets, and all your properties, possessions and treasures, e.g phones are treasures. Do not forget to cover yourself too.
      You can extend and ask that the other neighbhourhoods in the area are covered too. To shield you all from physical and spiritual demonic attacks.

      You can also ask YHWH to loose angels to minister miracles, finances, healing, deliverance, salvation, wisdom, strength,…be creative, all in Jesus Name.
      And then thank Him for everything in Jesus name, Amen. Note: This must be done everyday!

      Then watch what happens to them…those witches and their covens.
      And you must live a Holy life. You cannot afford to get tired..they will try in the beginning to get you tired, sleepy.

      Be a fighter for our awesome God. You will eventually see life bloom around you.

      YHWH is always, forever faithful, in Yeshua’s name, Amen.


      • Jane

        Sharon Cole,

        I forgot to add 9pm to the Watch hours, forgive me.

        God bless.


  4. Gloria Moore

    I am so glad you saw this, looking forward to a new dimension of victory against the spirit of Jezebel.

  5. Phelim McIntyre

    Yes and Amen! Both here in the UK and the USA the Jezebel Spirit, and others are working to polarise the nations, and bring a level of civil war. Jehu must arise – Athaliah must be judged before Josiah can reign. But those moving in the Jehu spirit must be careful not to polarise people further.

  6. Robin Sonstegard

    I needed to hear this again. My little public school has been under constrained finances, but we meet a need for students who don’t fit into the regular public school system. Lord have your way in my life and in mountain of education where you have placed me for this season.


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