In the early hours of the morning on September 26, 2016, I was still asleep when a light in my bedroom caused me to open my eyes, and standing next to me was an angel. I had certainly been aware of angelic activity in a few instances before in my life, but I had never seen an angel in a full and tangible form before. The first thing I noticed were his crystal-like and strikingly green eyes that had an incredible shine and luster. They were sharp and piercing, yet I can best describe them as if love, peace, and acceptance radiated directly from them. I didn’t notice much more about the angel at that moment because the presence of Heaven had filled the room.

The next thing I knew, the angel had taken my hand and we were instantaneously transported to a place above what appeared to be the board room of the enemy, almost as if we were looking in from a one-way window. The room I saw was about the size and shape of a large conference room, and in the middle of the room was a rectangular table with personalized places for each spirit to sit. Their seats were not marked with their names but each one was custom fitted for the size and shape of that spirit, and even their section of the table had an indentation cut out for them to slide into. On the table were what looked like papers or transparent documents and oddly enough a Bible. There was a gray hazy fog or smoke throughout the room, but not too thick to see through.

A Company of Darkness

It seemed to be a staff meeting of some sort, and I could see and hear their discussion on what they think is happening now in the body of Christ. I noticed that there was one large spirit that was leading this meeting and the other spirits in the room were calling him “D.” My angel looked over and said, “D is death and destruction.” D was very tall and overall the largest spirit in the room. He had some type of clothing or material covering his legs, but his torso area was uncovered, except for a large emblem or badge strapped to his chest, and his general shape resembled a male human. His upper body was covered in sores that hung open all the way to his inner structure (I don’t know if it is bone or another substance), similar to what I imagine an extreme case of leprosy would look like, but much worse. The sores were oozing some type of fluid and contained many tiny organisms that didn’t seem to be harming D at all, but rather were worshiping him.

There were many lesser, or prince level, spirits in the room, all smaller than D, but different shapes and sizes from each other, and they did not seem to be any specific gender. They were enraged because of the increase of prayer from the local cities or areas they were assigned to and grumbling that orders and instructions between them were getting lost because of the sound that was rising from the earth and interrupting them.

Another elder leader, who was a little shorter than D and whose head was disproportionate to his body, told these prince spirits to follow the sound back to their cities and to launch attacks of despair, defeat, and hopelessness! He had two fingers missing from his left hand, as if they had been chopped off at some point in the past, and his skin was gray like the lungs of a long-time smoker. He told the other spirits that the people praying don’t know that they’re causing such a disturbance against them. He began to laugh out loud in a very shrill yet confident tone and said, “Their ignorance always saves the day.”

Many of the spirits in the room laughed as well, but another strongman spoke out and said, “Enough with this petty talk! How are we stopping what they are prophesying about the harvest?” and then he screamed, “I can see their faith has increased and we are losing many people to their crying out! It is causing us to step backwards as they take our territories.” This spirit was also gray and had a completely withered and paralyzed right arm. His whole body appeared to be deformed and his shoulder area was especially disjointed. He kept saying how their forces would be defeated if things continued this way and then he said, “He,” talking about the Lord, “is teaching them that He is already in them to take us out.”

Another spirit they called “Blind,” a smaller spirit than the strongmen who had what looked like a very bad case of psoriasis, spoke up and said, “We just need to confuse them and keep them stupid.” They all laughed and said, “That is easy!”

After that a very tall and attractive being walked in that appeared to be part male and part female. This spirit had very long legs and large feet on which it was wearing boots with a very sharply pointed tip. Its hair was long and thick and was wrapped around it like a cape. When it walked in it took over and said, “I have been busy keeping them bound and in their own drama.” It explained how some believers see it but most still don’t recognize it inside the Lord’s house because it controls people through the shroud of religion. They called this being “Jazz.”

My angel asked me, “Do you know Jazz?” and I said, “Yes, that is Jezebel.” He smiled and said, “Yes,” and then said, “Shhhh, listen,” so my attention went back to the meeting. Jazz spoke of a group that is giving it issues and it called that group the “fasted ones.” It began to explain to them it cannot hide from that group; that it had tried coming and going from an area “when a fasted one is around,” but said, “It doesn’t work because they see my trail.”


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    Wow just wow! “This” … I do needed to see and read this today! Thank you, first and foremost Father God! And thank you for sharing this and enlightening me to this. I could go on and on. 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Sumathi Pagolu

    Thank you for this. Wow! there is so much need to keep pressing in ! For we are the overcomes. Amen and Amen


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