2018 brought an unusual prophetic revelation to me that I believe the Lord wants to birth in 2019. This revelation began at the city of “Gettysburg” during a Christian International City Tour.  

The conference hosts, who are of African-American ancestry, felt that Gettysburg was a strategic location. Although they had a more established Campus elsewhere, they felt the Lord told them to move the event to Gettysburg.  

They had also been stirred recently concerning the “underground railroad” and the path of freedom it brought to many who were confined to slavery. Gettysburg, of course, was known as a strategic battleground and was the location of President Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address and declaration of the emancipation proclamation.

The very first night of the conference I ran into some friends of Asian ancestry. They also said the Lord had been stirring their hearts concerning the “Underground Railroad” and had just been to the Mason Dixon Line to anoint it with oil and pray.  

They had recently hosted 22 individuals that escaped from North Korea and stepped into a new freedom in both the natural and spiritual realms. Reading their Bible and memorizing scriptures had been key components for this new-found freedom. This confirmation of events concerning freedom began a three-month progressive prophetic revelation.

Our Gettysburg host told me he was originally from Rochester, New York, the home of Harriet Tubman, who was one of the most recognized agents of freedom leading many slaves from Florida and other southern locations through Gettysburg and to Rochester or Buffalo, New York and finally to Ontario, Canada.  

Ontario was known to be the “Promised Land”, because it represented a location where one could not be captured and returned to slavery. Slavery, of course, represents a horrific stain on our nation’s history. This type of stain is not unique to the U.S., but we can find it replicated in many other nations. It is an entrapment of the enemy that brings racial division, strife and war.

Shelly and I have an adopted African daughter from Trinidad. Her perspective and experience of racial tension and strife is with different ethnic groups than in the U.S. This is also true of Asian nations and many others.  

So, the common dark denominator of the root of all racial division is Satan and his group of fallen angels perpetuating this lie that all men are not created equal. It is a season where Christians must see that they are of the same kingdom, the kingdom of light, regardless of race-ethnicity, skin color or culture.

This Christian Allegiance should supersede any other allegiance. Only then can the army of the Lord truly arise in the earth today, because this army is called to arise in unity where God commands a blessing.

What do we think of when we think of freedom?
As one who has grandchildren, Freedom for a two-year-old is being just far enough out of your reach.  

When that happens, they feel free. This new-foundFreedom causes their eyes to light up with joy and their motive to do what they want to be released. Just a few steps out of your reach can trigger this short-term freedom.  

As years progress there comes a time when another type of freedom is experienced. About age 16 comes another type of freedom. As a teenager gets ready to get a driver’s license suddenly, without having to have parental rides, teenagers are able to go where they want seemingly unsupervised.  

However, with today’s technologies, parents can put trackers on their cars that will not only reveal where they went but also how fast they went going there. This makes me thankful this technology missed my teen years, or perhaps I would have had more limited vehicle privileges.  

Finally, another age-related Freedom is when children are able to move out of their parents’ home. This brings opportunity to begin making choices, whether good or bad, concerning the direction of their own household.


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  1. Vanessa Burke

    Read, three times! I declare and decree that I am free — spiritually, naturally, personally, financially, emotionally and mentally — and I proclaim that this year, 2019, is the favorable year of the Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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