Here is what won’t be easy for the mockers though – the consequence of their mockery.

By Jamila Jordan Moody

“Be mindful not to cast dirt upon the ones who fought the battles you are enjoying the spoils of.”

Real Talk

It’s easy for some enjoying the spoils of battle to mock the wounded warriors who fought the battle and gave themselves a living sacrifice to obey the frontline orders they were given. Its easy for some walking in abundance to mock those who are depleted because they gave up everything in the name of obedience to the FATHER and HIS mandate upon their life. And it’s even easier for some walking a smooth path to mock the plowers and ridicule their missteps, mistakes and failures along the road of purpose and destiny.

Here is what won’t be easy for the mockers though – the consequence of their mockery.

One thing I’ve learned along this walk with CHRIST is not to dishonor those who have gone before me and fought battles I am now benefitting from. I have learned not to stand before them in puffed up arrogance believing myself to have a better revelation than them just because I’m experiencing success in areas they seemingly are not because you never know their story. You never know what someone has sacrificed that you inadvertently benefit from. You never know what GOD has required of them and you never know how devastated they are about the mistakes they made along the way to promise out of fear. Their mistakes however do not disqualify them from the promises of GOD and neither do their mistakes mean they are not favored by GOD.

Just Look At Abraham: Lot benefited from Abraham’s prayers and intercession before and after they separated (Genesis 13, 14, 18). Abraham took his promised son up the mountain to offer him as a sacrifice in obedience to the LORDS request with a heart of worship and faith that GOD would provide. I however can only imagine the whispers of those he commanded to stay behind knowing he was going up to sacrifice with no lamb in sight (Genesis 22). And finally Abraham covered up the full truth about Sarah out of fear of losing his wife and his life over her beauty (Genesis 12 and 20) but GOD still FAVORED him restoring to him his wife and blessing him with abundance beyond measure because he was obedient, he was a man of prayer/intercession and he was a worshipper.

Mockers be mindful because the one you mock today could hold your favor in their hand tomorrow.

Jamila Jordan Moody is a , prophet, psalmist, poet, and a Christian author. She carries an intense love for the FATHER and HIS presence as well as an unwavering obedience to HIS will because of the great grace HE’S poured upon her life.

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