It’s time to march forward!

By Tyler Medina

Last night I was talking to a prophet friend of mine and she asked me, “what is the word for March?” I instantly heard in my spirit that March is the time to “March.” I then saw a vision much like the picture I posted below. In this vision the Lord gave me I saw a sea of people, warriors, and they were marching onward toward battle. They weren’t scared, they weren’t afraid. They marched boldly onto the battle front, with a legion of troops behind them. This image was portraying the body of Christ.

There has been so much chatter and prophetic words given about what this year holds, and it being the season of the “open door.” While I believe all of that is true, the beginning of this year for many has been enduring. It has been consumed in warfare, fighting and almost feeling like your in a place of stagnation while you await what has been prophesied as “the open door.” But it is time to stop awaiting, and it is time to start contending, marching, and grabbing a hold of your destiny and the words spoken over your life for this hour.

This is the time for the people of God to march forward. I see an apostolic company arising who walks boldly in the power and authority of their God. This is a time to build, this is a time to contend, this is a time to fight, and this is a time to run harder then you have ever ran before for Jesus Christ. I see a generation of Nehemiah’s who will hold one hand to the wall and one hand on their weapon. They will be called repairers of the breach and restorers of the ancient paths in which to dwell in (Isaiah 58) They will help rebuild and repair what was lost.

This company of people that is arising will prepare the way for the return of the Lord. They will shake the nations for the glory of God. They will march on into enemy camps, taking back everything the enemy has stolen. They will rescue the POW’s. The children of God that have fell prisoner to the plots and schemes of the enemy. They will march into the promise, they will march into their destiny, they will march into the land flowing with milk and honey, they will march into the greatest days the church has ever seen, and they will march forward bringing the gospel of the kingdom into all nations.

The Word for March is that it’s time to MARCH people of God. Grab ahold of what heaven is pouring out and run. Now is the time!

Tyler Medina is a revivalist and emerging prophetic voice in love with Jesus with a heart to see the world changed by the power and love of God. Currently residing in Medford, New Jersey, he is currently finishing his book titled, Run Away Bride: Returning to the alter of Christ, a book that is triggered to unveil our identity, and answer “who we are, and what it means” to be the bride of Christ. He is Currently launching Forged by Fire school of ministry with a heart to equip, train, and activate the body of Christ in this hour and return the apostolic mandate of the church. Raising and training true disciples that will change the nations and impact eternity for the glory of God! 


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