As I walked into church Sunday morning, I heard the Lord say “Tell them The Breaker Is Here.” Yes, “here” at our church, but also “here” in this season for his people! Micah 2:13 in the Message it says:

Then I, God, will burst all confinements and lead them out into the open. They’ll follow their King. I will be out in front leading them.” Micah 2:13c | MSG

The Word Breaker in Hebrew is parats.  It means  means to break out, to burst forth, compel, to urge, grow, increase, open, To break in pieces, to break up, to break open, to break out (violently), to break out of limits!

Jesus, our Breaker is here to burst all confinements and break us out of all limitations! He is shattering unhealthy patterns from the past.

You are now positioned to grow,  increase, and succeed.  Your mind can be renewed to think like the Breaker (Jesus) thinks. Nothing is impossible! This Breaker Anointing is not just for personal freedoms though. It creates a forward momentum for Vision for the Kingdom to advance.

Now is the time! Now is your suddenly! Receive this anointing for breakthrough! God is creating a momentum of breakthrough in your family, health, vision, destiny, and finances. The Breaker is here and has gone up before us!


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  1. Billie J Bryan

    So encouraging and feeling the holy ghost now!just what I needed

  2. Naomi Peters

    Fabulously exiting times learning to rebuild my identity in the Savior after abandonment and divorce allowing God to build my character and fight the negative in my head . I receive the ‘Breaker’ anointing I receive Christ Jesus the breaker
    Praise God indeed!


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