2019 is the year of the decree. In my New Year’s blessing, I made several decrees over the lives of those who track with my ministry. If you are getting this email, these decrees are for you! Watch this video and let it be a blessing. Make these decrees over your own life in agreement with me. Want to learn more about the Year of the Decree? Check out my new book with the prophetic word and loads of teaching here.


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  1. Cheryl Voges

    Thank you and Happy Merry New Year to you as well!!

  2. Emmanuel chindima

    I decree and declare that all these decrees shall follow me in all the days of my life

  3. Deshica Moss

    Thank you. I receive the decree of prosperity and good health in Jesus Name. God is Awesome. May God continue to Bless your ministry.

  4. Doreen

    Decrees received with thanks. May God continue to bless and prosper you in all you do in Jesus name.

  5. Sumathi

    Thank you so much. I receive these decrees is n faith. Amen wish you a blessed new year. Praying for you. You have been such a blessing to me. God continue to stretch you and use you to build His kingdom. Thank you for your love for us His people.

  6. Margo Malone

    Thank you i decree and declare in Jesus name i receive it

  7. Robyn Chavis

    I accept , believe and receive every decree in Jesus name! Royalty!

  8. Mercy

    This is amazing. This is the same word delivered to our church on New Years crossover service. What a confirmation. Thank you Jennifer.

  9. Joyce

    The Lord confirmed to me also to stop only praying and start decreein this year! I receive your declarations over my life and believe that they are in force now!
    May the Lord enlarge your borders this year!
    God bless!

  10. Eva

    Happy new year. God’s blessings upon you and your family.

  11. Karyn Webb-Miller

    Thank you!

  12. Apostle Vanessa McGee- Smith Kearney

    I Decree, I Will Do All Father God Has Called Me Into.
    My Ministry, Marriage, Financies,..I Decree The Economic Development Jobs ,Enhanced Lifestyles and The Cooperative Housing For The Rual South Will Be Built and Debt Free.
    I Decree The Movies,Books and Products Will Be Block Busters!!!
    I Decress Jennifer LaClaire Will Teach Me The Writers Craft And Her Ministry Will Share In The Blessings…
    I Decree, The Artists. Writers, Script Boards etc..Come Together..For The Salvations Of The Souls In The Balance In Jesus Name…Amen
    I Decree My Spiritual Walk Hightens and Become Closer With The Lord..More Percise.

  13. Shadrack Lenong

    Amen n Amen. Compliments of the new season to you, family and ministry. I decree and declare the same upon your life in Jesus Christ name

  14. Mary Gamble

    I receive it in Jesus name, Thank you sister for the blessing. God bless you and your ministry as well.

  15. Robin Daniels

    I receive it … Bless you Apostle Jennifer

  16. Patricia

    I receive every decree and declaration made over my life in Jesus’Mighty and Matchless Name!
    Thank you Jennifer Leclaire for your tireless Ministry in the Holy Word of God to us!

  17. MeLinda

    I believe avid receive it!

  18. Rita Pohe

    You are a blessing from the Lord to the body of Christ dear sister Jennifer.

    I receive the decree’s and declare’s, and ‘Yes’ 2019 will be my best year ever in Jesus Name.



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