On October 1, the Lord spoke to me clearly: “Things that need to come to a head are going to come to a head this month.”

According to Cambridge Dictionary, coming to a head means things have reached point where strong action has to be taken. It means something has reached a critical or crucial stage or a point of intensity that forces you to deal with it. Tension has built up in the situation to a boiling point.

Put another way, we’re in a kairos moment. Kairos comes from the Greek word kara, which means “come to a head.” Decisive action is demanded. Kairos also means opportune time, fitting time or season. It’s an appointed time. We’re in that appointed time this month. We must have another look and take God-ordained steps to execute His will and receive His blessings.

Harvests Coming to a Head

For some, the Lord showed me a harvest needs to come to a head. Many have been sowing and sowing and sowing and the enemy has come repeatedly to steal, kill and destroy your harvest before you have a chance to reap it. If that’s’ you, stand like Shammah in this season and fight:

“After him was Shammah the son of Agee the Hararite. The Philistines had gathered into a troop, where the plot of the field was full of lentils, and the people fled before the Philistines. He took his stand in the midst of the plot of land, defended it, and defeated the Philistines. The Lord brought about a great victory” (2 Samuel 23:11-12).

For some, the Lord showed me, promotions are going to come to a head. For some, restoration that you’ve been plowing toward for years and seemed hopeless is coming to a head. Some are going to see prodigals reach out as they are coming closer to returning home.

Enemy Plots Coming to a Head

For some, enemy plots you have not discerned are coming to a head. You don’t know what is wrong. You don’t know why your life has been miserable. You didn’t know there was an enemy inside your camp working against the promises of God in your life. You didn’t see the enemy’s well-orchestrated plot against you.

Hold on tight. It’s going to come to a head. You are going to see and defeat the enemy you couldn’t see before now. You’re about to catch the thief and he has to repay seven times. Don’t rejoice in your losses. Rejoice in Proverbs 6:31, “But if he is found, he will restore sevenfold; he will give all the substance of his house.”

Ugly Things Are Coming to Head

For better or worse, things are coming to a head in October so you can see things for what they really are. Some are going to see ugly things in the spirit. Some are going to see ugly, ugly things in people you know. Judas will be exposed. Absalom will be exposed. Jezebel will be exposed. Some are going to see ugly things in yourself. Greed will be exposed. Jealousy will be exposed. Manipulation and compromise will be exposed.

Now is not the time to put off the hard discussions. Now is not the time to shrink back from the battle. Rather, now is the time to seek the wisdom of God to make what may seem like impossible decisions. Now is the time to seek insights from heaven into how to move forward in a kairos moment.

Don’t miss this opportunity. God is propelling you into His promises by revealing hidden things that have held you back. Get ready to run.


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  1. Carolyn Foulks

    Praying for GOD to move and break all the confusion and every word that has been spoken GOD KNOWS MY HEART for my children and family want GOD TO HAVE HIS WAY thank you for allowing the lord to use you.

  2. Leonard Piro

    Dear Sister,

    Thanks for the encouraging article! It has given me hope – I am believing for a seven-fold return on all the grief and theft the enemy has attacked me with. Because you wrote this article I have to believe other true believers are experiencing similar trials.
    God bless you, your family and ministry.

    • Lecia

      Yes we are many that are experiencing this. It has been a violent attack.

  3. Frank Billue

    We totally agree

  4. Mildred Hood

    I want to thank you so much for the valuable information I made note of it. also I will be sending a donation soon right now I am so in the RED meaning NO CASH LOL thx again !!

  5. Dayme Joseph

    Today, I felt a need to research and read over some of the dreams, visions, and prophecies I’ve gotten from the mid 1990’s to 2002. A few were refreshing for me because I had forgotten them.

    Last week , I asked the Lord to tell me what season I am in . I have been praying about various things including the financial seeds I have sowed over the years and still sowing; I have been telling the enemy, the thief, that I’ve caught him stealing my harvest , and it is written in Proverbs 6:31, “. . . he shall restore seven fold . . . ” and I am demanding and enforcing it. Some Judases have been exposed already, etc.
    I am encouraged by these prophetic words.

    God bless you and your ministries!!!

  6. Eleanor Moody

    very good and know for sure this is true

  7. Beritha

    Amen Jen. So powerful for me I see enemy plots come to an end….Praise the Lord. Even my dreams today spelt that and coupled with your timely prophecy I just want to say Thank You God.

  8. Brenda Coble-Mitchell

    I have been receiving emails from Charisam Jennifer LeClaire Ministries. I have a question is there anyway that I could get in touch personally? Thank you Brenda.

  9. Deionne Ivery

    Thank you Prophetess !! For the words of confirmation and affirmation. I received all for this month of October. Continue to walk in your victory !!!

  10. Cupido

    Im from South Africa. As a military veteran in the SANDF ive lost everything my house my savings everything. What Ive left is my wife my child and my belief in Christ Jesus.I need help deliverance and a heavenly blessing. Can you have a one on one with me as my situation will blow your mind and I know God has something for me but Im weak confused and tired.

    • Angelique Claire g

      Hey, not all is lost! We seem to forget we are blessed to still have the most preciouse things in life things we could nevery get back things that are worth more than gold or material things!! Find your light within again positive thinking. Big smile loads of love for your wife and child bless them say how grateful you are to still have them in your life. Your a millatery worrier we never give up we can be broke but never broken !! I had to realise this myself only you can self talk yourself in darkest moments bealive me u either make it or in yout own head or lose yourself to negative talk.light!!don’t let a set back hold u back keep positive mind go get what you want or what you lost back. It’s yourlife Just think of your child and wife ever day know you have to be strong not a millionaire , just that kind loving fighty person type worrier!!Gods on yourside !! just be good to yourself and others always bealive in yourself thats most important than anything and have faith that God is with you every step of the way jesus Christ to. Damn to what you lost who cares about that. Life is there live it and don’t ever let a little set back hold u back no matter what you will always find ways in your head to manage your emotions. Software fight another day. God bless may you find the light within again

  11. Co Manion


  12. Michelle Garcia

    Hello Jennifer,
    I just wanted to let you know what a blessing have been to me in my life God has been so good to me I am forever grateful He put you in my life. May God continue to bless your ministry.
    Love you sis,
    Michelle Garcia

  13. Juli

    This WORD for October is so spot on and in season. Giving me much hope and confirmation.

    “For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven”

    Bless you Jennifer for revealing the Father’s heart xxx

  14. Brown

    Powerful Prophesy from the WoG.Thanks for the word.You have confirmed a lot of things (Visions, Dreams) that i have been having, praise the Lord.Gob bless you the more

  15. Helen Alonso

    This help me alot thank you sister,jesus,abba daddy,mama Holy spirit.

  16. Desiree Mondesir

    This is SUCH a timely word, Apostle Jennifer!! I am very literally living out both aspects of this word: I am digging my heels in the ground and defending my turf like Shammah, and the enemy is trying to FORCE me to submit to plans, systems, etc. that are NOT the will of God for my life. But I truly believe this is MY harvest season – FINALLY!! Thank you for being obedient and releasing this word!

  17. Thom

    I have have anger issues and have one foot out of the Church ready give up ….

    Maybe. I needed to read this….

  18. Wendy holder

    Thank you for this timely word I’ve been sowing and jot seeing the fruits..the enemy has been eating my finances..but i declare my harvest has come. Bless you Minister JL

  19. Jefferson

    Please pray for me


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