In this season, the word of the Lord is: Run to the battle line.

Run to the battle line. Run to the war. Don’t run away from the fight—run into it. It’s been said there’s a reason why our armor doesn’t cover our backside—because we’re to face demon powers toe to toe rather than fleeing in fear.

When it comes to David’s famed battle against Goliath, we see him running to the battle three times. The first run was when his father, Jesse, told him to carry food to his brothers at the battle line. When he arrived on the scene, he heard the war cry.


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  1. Cheryl gray

    Hello Jennifer, you had said to respond if your word about not only worshipping but learning to battle in the spirit is important. I have been battling with a Jezebel/narcissist spirit through my sister trying to steal the family inheritance and defraud my father from his home by placing him in a nursing home while living in his home. This has been about a 2 going on 3 year battle. Any prophetic insight/battle plan you may have would be so appreciated! I have been standing firm, learning about identity, declaring victory and cleansing from the iniquity in our family line, deliverance for my sister and spirit of repentance and conviction.

  2. Felicity Attua-Afari


  3. Rose (Jackson) Hunter

    I praise God that on May 22 my husband of 37 years who divorced me in 2011 withdrew from the Archdiocese his third petition in five years to “annul” our marriage. No, neither of us was Catholic, but the Jezebel he married is nominally. I don’t know why he did, but I praise God for this victory over repeated lies! May Jesus bring fullvictory now for God’s Glory! V


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