Whether you are a seer or a seeing person, you need to understand the realities of the supernatural realm. There are gates, pitfalls and more in the spirit world. You also need to understand legalities so you don’t tap into familiar spirits. Get in on this video teaching with Jennifer LeClaire.

You can learn more in the School of the Seers at www.schoolofthespirit.tv.



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  1. Phillis Carpenter

    Do you give assessments concerning gifts and callings of one. And is ther an actual school I could attend, I prefer in person learning as the internet is not always available to me.

  2. Ebony Oakry

    I am attempting to sign up for your school of the seer and it is not taking me to. The registration page it only brings me to videos only. Please help.

  3. Brenda Brown

    You guys are so inspiring and powerfully lead by the Lords Spirit. Thank you and God Bless you both. LOVE YA.


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