When Chuck Pierce prophesied the Lord was going to send me to many cities and nations to raise up troops to throw Jezebel off a wall, I had no idea the Philippines was among them. I went in with a strong mandate in October and met with some of the heaviest oppressive witchcraft I’ve ever experienced in my Christian life.

I plowed through the first day but knew we hadn’t broken through. I asked the Lord how to shift the second day of the School of the Prophets there and He led me to release a bold word about an ancient spirit plaguing the nation, which is made up of 7,641 islands. The Lord showed me the Philippines formed a covenant with the spirit Jezebel.

Ferdinand Magellan’s cross was planted in Cebu in 1521. That’s when the Spaniards gained a foothold in the Philippines. With Catholicism and all its Mary worship entrenched, the root of Jezebel—the Queen of Heaven—has yielded a disturbing harvest. Human trafficking is running rampant there. An entire island has been overtaken by witches. Sexual perversion and idolatrous cults are rising. President Rodrigo Duterte called God “stupid” and worse.

After my meetings there, the spiritual leaders of the nation brought me into a backroom to discuss the prophetic word I had released. These leaders explained they had been coming against this spirit and breaking ties for many years, but felt it was time to make the final blow. The next three years are vital for the Philippines.

The enemy wants to bring in a demonic revolution into the Philippines. But the Lord wants to usher in a spiritual revolution.

The Lord gave me this strategy:

  1. The “no warfare heresy” is running rampant and must be combatted. Just as in America, a teaching is propagating in the Philippines that we don’t have to fight the devil—we just have to receive the Father’s love. This is full-blown heresy. Read my article here.


  1. The warriors must be healed before the land is healed. The Philippines church is in the fight of its life. The remnant is rising but the reinforcements are slim. Many of the nation’s spiritual warriors have been hit with friendly fire and still others have been injured in combat. Many are going AWOL in the spirit and refusing to take their place in military formation. Healing must come.


  1. Many in the church have not been taught to fight. Spiritual warfare teaching is critical, from introductory teachings to advanced level warfare.


  1. New spiritual warfare strategies must be developed. The nation is under attack from Leviathan, Python and Jezebel. The president has covenanted with evil and has cursed God. Jezebel is being celebrated. Witches are being given authority. What worked in past seasons won’t work the same way in this season. The Lord will release prophetic acts, decrees and worshipping warriors to combat the rising evil.


  1. We must pray for the Philippines. Here are some prayer points:

Pray that the no-warfare heresy will be overcome by the truth in God’s Word so a generation doesn’t soak only while the enemy takes over the land.

Pray that the no-warfare heresy will be overcome by the truth in God’s Word so a generation doesn’t soak only while the enemy takes over the land.

Pray that the spiritual warriors who have been wounded will find inner healing and rise up to fight again.

Pray that a wicked revolution will be abolished by a divine spiritual revolution.

Pray that Jezebel will be exposed and pushed back.

Pray that the Python spirit would lose its grip.

Pray that Leviathan’s stronghold would be broken.

Pray for a righteous government.

Pray for revival.




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  1. Cat

    I have tried to comment three times and it keeps getting erased. this is my last time to try. I wanted to thank you Jennifer for this, this is what the Lord has been showing us. The Lord has given up our home and our staff position with P. King And brought us to this island in the Philippines three years ago. Little did we know what we were getting into except the Lord said that he was bringing us here to make Him known. Yes, witchcraft a strong here in especially on this island. We live very close to the shore and I have seen a calm sea Rage and come over for cement wall when I have stood there and spoke against the seas spirits. This is not the safest place for two white people but God knows our days and we know what our mission is. I try and get as much is your material as I can, I am following almost everything I can review were’s and trying to learn as much. But for some reason when I going to join your TV one it registers Our small bank account has been in the Philippines and twice now the bank in America have pros in our account saying we our account is being hacked by somebody in the Philippines. Of course it’s us using our account to pay rent. But everything you say is so right and I am trying to learn from you as fast as I can because so many lives here are at stake and we Please people on your special tedium people for they are the hope of this nation and they have to know their God. We know we will meet our Lord here but we want as many as possible to know Him before new do. Thank you again for all that you post and I hate the time difference because I can’t always watch some of your teachings . Blessings galore and we’re praying for you and your team.

  2. Kurt Lumibao

    Thank you so much, Prophetess. We appreciate this post. Glory to God. I’m a Filipino for God’s glory!

  3. JB

    Hi Jennifer, I am from the Philippines. Thanks for your article, “Laying an Axe to Jezebel’s Roots in the Philippines.” It’s exactly what we needed right now: clarity to know and see what’s happening to us here, and a call to pray for this beloved nation. Thank you so much!

  4. Jans

    \wow\amazing prophecy! Praying for my country. Bless you Jennifer for this msg. Let me know if you need help.Thank you!

  5. Wayne Dutton

    I’m with you on this. I have been told that I am a prophet and need to sign up for your training ( and possibly Gram Cook, Gram Perrrin (if still available) and others). I now will have more time as my house just went on the market after 3 plus years of hell.

  6. Terry Vos

    This is a very powerful update from your trip. I have a team who meets weekly over the phone and prays against the Jezebel spirit. I live in Alaska and the warriors I pray with are mighty and spread across the USA. We are standing with you my friend. Keep going and we will keep sowing. Bless you. Amen.

  7. Janet Beckman

    Wow. you are so on point Jennifer, it literally grieved my spirit just thinking about the current situation. I know it is a hub for child sex trafficking and the women are abused as well. The leader is an evil oppressor and the nation is surrounded by water so the water demons are plentiful. In the natural it seems like a hopeless situation but is there anything too hard for our God? I have been under a Jezabelic attack for the past 4.5 years, or should I say that is when it intensified. I have felt like you did before you went to UK this Summer. I will commit to pray for this nation and ask that you will pray for me and my children. Thank you

  8. Catherine

    I Read about you in charisma. Asking for prayers for me and my family and our world for mental issues that are plaguing our world. Praying for salvation for my family and friends and our world now and future generations. Praying for the three books of Jesus put on my heart when my brother died eight years ago. Prayers for my ministry Jesus I trust in you

  9. Jenifer

    Amen, amen, amen.

  10. Carlos Oliveira

    Hi Jenifer, Just to give you a bit more information about Ferdinand Magellan. In truth, he was a Portuguese navigator and explorer who organised the Spanish expedition to the East Indies from 1519 to 1522, resulting in the first circumnavigation of the Earth, completed by Juan Sebastián Elcano. Born into a Portuguese noble family in around 1480, ( at the time these families were deeply involved with Rome). Magalhães became a skilled sailor and naval officer and was eventually selected by King Charles I of Spain to search for a westward route to the Maluku Islands (the “Spice Islands”). Being a Portuguese pastor, I know for a fact that Portugal was offered by one of our kings to the “queen of heaven”. And, from that day on the king never put the crown on his head again. That’s why you can see it placed on the pedestal in the pictures of the time. Blessings

  11. jacki

    Thank you Jennifer… for the Philippines – “Prayer Assignment” For raising up awareness and the troops (Church) into Prayer is significant. The call & assembly within the Kingdom of Light needs to awaken to the mandate concerning their divine authority for prayer over principalities. Ancestral Strongholds are positioned within Regions of Nations. Heavenly prayer petitions – are essential from those who are born within the Philippines, for they hold -“Kingdom Region Keys” A position of Authority of their Region. Others need to come into agreement for their situation. As a body of Christ we need to hold up the hands of our fellow elders and Philippine brethren. Fasting from the righteous for this cause is also significant. Setting in motion the request for “divine Spiritual” revolution. ..Dear brethren, In UNITY the prayer of the righteous prevails and the gates of hell will crumble.


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