The baton is being passed.

By Tyler Medina

I felt such a shift in the atmosphere this morning as I woke up in intercession. There was a stirring in the atmosphere, I literally felt one door closing and another one opening in the Spirit. It was the transition of one era into the next. When I heard about Billy Graham passing, God began to reveal to me what was going on in the realm of the Spirit.

I saw the hand of God reaching down with a large baton, and as it touched earth it split into many. I heard Him then say, “The baton is being passed, run the race that’s set before you.” What took place this morning was bigger then just the death of one of God’s generals. It was also a resurrection in the hearts and calling of the evangelist.

There was a mantle dropped this morning over this nation. Reach up and grab a hold of it. There is a call in the Spirit right now body of Christ to rise up and run harder then ever before. I was talking to a prophet friend of mine this morning and she said “I feel that this has let the evangelist rise, because where have they been?” And her statement is true.

While there has been a lot of chatter and emphasis lately on the apostolic ministry specifically the apostles and prophets, the office of the evangelist has been on a decline. In today’s day and age it has almost become a feeling of demotion for one to accept the call and responsibility of an evangelist. But make no mistake my friends, no matter a teacher, a preacher, an evangelist, a prophet, or an apostle… we never graduate from evangelism. Remember it is Proverbs that tells us “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” It is an honor to lay our life down, it is an honor to go into the world making disciples of all nations, it is an honor to reach down and capture souls out of the snares of Satan so they won’t die and go to hell! But it’s not just an honor, it is a mandate.

I see fresh fire breathing upon hearts this morning. I see God calling the evangelist to rise up. I see John the Baptist’ rising out of the wilderness this morning to accept the call of heaven on their life. I see fresh fire and fresh anointing getting ready to hit your belly. I see mantles dropping upon people this morning. Don’t run from it, don’t hide. It’s time to rise up people of God, it’s time to walk in the purpose and plan that God has for you. The baton has been passed on to win and lead the next generation into encounter and relationship with the King of glory. It’s all about Jesus, and it’s all about souls. I say let the evangelist arise in Jesus name. Grab a hold of the baton and RUN!!

Tyler Medina is a revivalist and emerging prophetic voice in love with Jesus with a heart to see the world changed by the power and love of God. Currently residing in Medford, New Jersey, he is currently finishing his book titled, Run Away Bride: Returning to the alter of Christ, a book that is triggered to unveil our identity, and answer “who we are, and what it means” to be the bride of Christ. He is Currently launching Forged by Fire school of ministry with a heart to equip, train, and activate the body of Christ in this hour and return the apostolic mandate of the church. Raising and training true disciples that will change the nations and impact eternity for the glory of God! 


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