When I was in Europe, I had a vivid dream of water spirits clashing. Some of the creatures were evident. Others I could not recognize. It was dramatic and telling about the season we are in. I shared about these spirits and what this dream means to you in this special broadcast. Want more? Check out my Water Spirits intensive at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv.



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  1. Debbie May

    Hi, Jennifer, as I was listening to your dream it kept coming to me that your dream also fits with the things that mark Taylor is saying is going to happen and things being brought down. Which alot is Baal over our nation and churches.listen to him and see what you get. Thanks debbie

  2. Rita Marshall

    I have been haveing dream about this for quite sometime Even to manifestation of The alligator in my camel in back of my home 5 have been caught and killed the big one is left . I used to go out and tell the blood of Jess covers my home and family and one got to close and died littreliy . Also God gave me the scripture Jermiah 18 this I believe is to go along with Jennifer s prophetic warning.


    I am a SEER.I dreamed of water spirits.A crocodile swimming back and forth in muddy water. There was a woman in the water-the Bishop’s mother-who is the (founder of the church with her husband who passed).The crocodile did not look like he was after her, nor was she concerned that it was in the water. I was seated in a fairly large mound or rock with a female elder of the church. She was polishing her toe nails. Out of nowhere-further out in the muddy water arose suddenly a muddy dirty looking water buffalo like creature and it came right at me. Didn’t touch me, but it was obvious it was after me and not the others. Those 2 women, I love and respect them and was honored to see myself in a dream with women of their level of leadership.I learned that the crocodile was referring to gossip, tale-bearing,and a like coming against me in the church and it has with a vengeance just like you said on your video via hate mail to pastors. I had this dream about 4 years ago and a female pastor that I shared this dream with stated just as you said, a python and leviathan spirit. She said they are common in this area of Maryland.

  4. Dev

    How do you pray for a family member that seems to exhibit some of these traits? Do you leave them alone? Help

  5. Dayme Joseph

    Some years ago, I had a dream in which I saw a very large octopus cover over the top and coming down to the sides of a church that I use to attend. I was told by someone(a spiritual leader) I shared the dream with that it was a spirit of mammon (money) that what it looks like spiritually. I live on an island, and I do not like going to the beach because I almost drown twice as a young girl.

  6. Tamie

    I cannot believe it! This happened to me when I was 5 years old! I could never understand it until today! I was at the beach and out of 100’s of people in the water I was literally taken under by an underwater whirlpool. After that, the strangest things started to happen, but one of those things was an intensity of attack to destroy me by my own father for the rest of my life (he is a marine). The things that happened to me and have happened are unexplainable.
    Thank you, Jennifer

  7. LINDA

    I recently had a dream about having a baby alligator as a pet at the vets office. I was holding him with his head over my shoulder and I looked over my shoulder to see his mouth open in a V formation. I also had dipped him down to eat a frog off the floor. The vet examined him with his mouth with twine around it and some kind of plastic cup Don’t have any idea what this means.

    I googled how to see if you’re under witchcraft is how I found your website and I have been having unusual back pain and my left eye was very dry this morning with a new contact lens in I have been very overwhelmed at work. I do use Restasis

  8. Esmé

    thank you for all the teachings.I have a question about waterspirits.I just didn’t know who i can ask about this.I live in South Africa.My sister and I was given each a wooden carved hippopotamus.Recently someone told my sister that it is a water spirit and she should get rid of it.We both use it as door stops because it’s heavy.Any advise? our mom gave it to us and she passed away years ago but if i have to throw it out i will do it.


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