Leviathan is rising–and rising rapidly. This haughty spirit breaks covenants, mocks its victims, disappoints your hopes and kills your dreams.


Leviathan lies about you to yourself and others and his witchcraft brings mass confusion to your mind.


Leviathan ruins relationships, brings financial attacks and more, but you can discern and combat this and other marine demons with the revelation in The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Water Spirits.


You can download a free chapter of this book or purchase an autographed copy here!


You can pick up a copy on Amazon here!

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  1. Barbara Stinson

    Thank you Ms. Jennifer LeClaire!
    This is a book that I believe every prayer warriors ,every believer of Christ should have for studying, learning, for our growth of understanding the tactics of water spirits. Like with any attack, trial, or adversary can’t be defeat without Holy Spirit guidance and strategy given.
    Let me tell you she makes a clarity of everyday feelings of unseen evil forces seems that we think is like normal day ,is a trickery from the enemy trying to tempt us in believing the certain feelings is of normal to acceptance and to agree with it. In doing so it , we are allowing the establishing of the Python,
    Leviathan, Rehab, Squid,Octopus, Merfolk, Dagon, Siren, Baal,and Behemoth Spirits to seduce or even uses our own emotion to give them authority to rule in our lives. Ms.LeClaire gives examples and compares the physical animals behavior with water spirits behavior. This is a book you don’t want to put down at all. I stayed up all night finishing it. And I will go back and read it again and again to become aware of the tactics to present to the Holy Spirit in prayer for guidance, because I don’t want to ever come against these spirits without the Holy Spirit say so in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Kristy Mullins

    So blessed to find you.. Pray I will be ALL God has called me to be and for Wisdom to know!!!

  3. Von

    I first encountered this principality 5 years ago when I met my ex husband. I have gained a ton of wisdom, strength and a closer walk with Christ as I’ve had to battle with it’s tactics. I would love this book.



  4. Kerry W Ray

    Amen thankyou

  5. Elizabeth



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