I believe we’re in a kairos moment in the body of Christ.

We’re seeing major ministries shift all around the world. The Call, IHOP, YWAM, Christ for All Nations…You can add my ministry to that list.

As some of you may know, I recently returned from Singapore and Indonesia. I have never endured such an attack on my mind and body at the same time in my entire life.

In the midst of the attack, the Lord told me a major shift was coming. I imagine the enemy saw the markers of a shift—a kairos moment—in the spirit and was resisting it.

What’s the shift?

·      A more intentional focus on souls

·      A stronger focus on making disciples

·      A new thrust to disciple nations

·      A deliberate focus on prison ministry and recovering addicts and alcoholics

·      A renewed push into inner healing and deliverance ministry

·      A greater emphasis on planting houses of prayerprayer hubs and house churches

I want to invite you to watch the announcement I made to my church a few weeks ago. You can find it at www.ahop.online. You will have to log in, but registration is free. The service is called Stepping into Your Kairos (PM Service).

I have a lot more to say in the video. I hope you’ll watch it so you can catch the spirit of what I am saying.

If you’d like to sow into this new vision, you can do so here.


Jennifer LeClaire


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  1. Susan Lollo

    May God continue blessing you and your ministry in a mighty way! I ask for a fresh Wind of His Spirit to breathe on the new things He is birthing in you and through you and your staff! I praise the Lord for all that He is doing and I thank Him for His protection over you and your staff! Bless you indeed and may He continue to enlarge your territory in Him and provide the staff and intercessors that are sufficient for the work at hand! I thank Him also for sending out warnings for your benefit and the gift of discernment in your life as well. Bless you in Jesus name!!!💜😘💜

  2. Clarissa Kopchak

    Yes, I definitely agree. We’ve had two weird outbursts at church from people being disruptive. I’ve had a bunch of crappy things happen to me in the last month

  3. jglujan2@gmail.com

    For about 5 years I have been feeling a shift in ministry and church. I became a leader for AGLOW International ministry and have felt that I needed to move out of the church and start a home based group. I struggled with this for a long time and suddenly God opened the door for me to move out and began a home ministry. My heart is for the drug addicted people and those are who are homeless because of drug addiction. This is close to my heart because of my son who is a drug addict. In the past 10 years I have had heavy persecution from the body of Christ because I see things differently in God’s perspective. My heart is to seek His presence and to do His will on earth. Jeneen Lujan


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