The eyes of America are on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The accusations are harsh. The defense is strong. What’s the truth?

On Sept. 24, 2018, while praying about this hot button political issue, I had an open vision. In the vision, I saw a horse with the letter “K” shaved in its hair cross the finish line. I saw a Supreme Court justice robe and gavel of supreme judiciary authority being handed to Kavanaugh. The Lord told me that Judge Brett Kavanaugh lives pure and fears Him.

It is the will of the Lord for Brett Kavanaugh to judge this land and the opposition is fierce. In the vision, I saw a demonic spirit nearly 30 feet tall standing in the Senate Chambers. I asked the Lord, “What am I seeing?” The Lord replied “This is the spirit that is wrestling against Judge Kavanaugh purpose and destiny.”

Given Pastor John Kilpatrick’s recent word about President Donald Trump soon dealing with the Jezebel spirit, this is more urgent than ever.

This spirit must be pulled down. We must intercede.

Here are three points of prayer that I believe will help us tear down the opposition against Kavanaugh.

1. Target the spirit of assassination that brings accusation and slander that is raging against leaders in the United States. This spirit is at large even within the confounds of the church. Bind it, in the name of Jesus.

2. Pray that the spirit of Jezebel be bound and the tongues of those being used would be shut.

3. Pray for unity and the will of the Lord above all else would prevail.


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  1. L. Choice

    For I am highly expressed and proud of your ministry and the learning of your calling as a Prophet and as a Pastor. I hope that I am correct after watching your video ” 3 Ways To Discern A Calling office as a prophetic ” You have confirmed a valid point that confirms most of my early life discoveries; concerning the call God lay upon my life, receiving vision and they come true as I Warn those that it relates to then it happens when they don’t receive.
    This happens to a Pastor when God told me to Leave my classroom where I was teaching in Preschool and I drove 15 miles to where He was in the church and tell him exactly what He was displeased in his action before him as the leader over His people, yet He did not receive the warning being that God had released me from this assignment and through a confirmation that I needed from God to leave, which God did confirm what I had asked of him. after I went on as led in the spirit, I was brought to me later ever thing I spoke to that Pastor where I was under that leadership did manifest: That Minister went back to prison and has to spend 30 years total before he is released again to society.
    There is so much more I did receive, and God confirms them as they come, not every day but as God so desires to present them to me. being messages to forewarn before destruction or disaster if one is not in alignment or what is to come.
    As a reader, and lover passionate with the Lord God and with Jesus Christ.
    I have learned from Jesus time as He called many others into the ministry as elected an appointed, I never ever read or came across in the King James Holy Bible where Jesus charged to feed Gods ministry into those that lacked knowledge and Wisdom about their destiny. I have a pretty hard time understanding not bashing your call or ministry, No, in fact, I admire your video lessons truthfully, but to join the school of the Spirit /school pf the prophetic.
    Why does the Body of Christ engages in Charging to sow the Gospel of God from the Kingdom into those who are seeking God to be able to Yes, fully operate into the calling as called into one’s life, to aid to the service of Jesus Christ :
    But Yet, thousands and millions of leaders all over the continent the earth is charging people to sow to be taught, where is the impact here, where is the life-changing of influence; if a child of God who may need the unlocking of the Prophetic Why ? do men not do as Jesus Christ did. He walked among people, He listens, He demonstrated true love for all, He prayed, He demonstrated the Gifts of the father laid upon his life so that the Disciple themselves would know the will of the father’s intentions that they are to operate in and Know that Jesus is His Son and has been sent by Him. all this action was free indeed.
    Not once Have I read as He empowered and anointed them saw in the Scriptures Jesus charged the Disciples a fee a Dollar amount. He gracefully and joyfully wanted the men Chosen to know that the Kingdom of God came down to them to teach them the TRuth and the way and what the Father needed them to do on earth which was to Yes, Be fishers of men, rather than fishers of catching fishes by water.
    Ms.Leclaire I Respect and am very happy that you are flowing as you were taught according to your video, where you mention reading by Bill Hammon book to confirm and learn the call of prophecy that was upon your life and by you reading his book that gave you the open insight needed. Gods wants his children to know without a cost then why are som many bodies who have been chosen as yourselves have been are charging to ‘IMPART” into the others the true Wisdom and Knowledge helping the rest of those that come near , people are having to pay to get receive what the LORD has bestowed to you.
    Jesus Christ hanged on that Cross not for us to sell the Kingdom but rather that we reach out to tell others about what He has given to you, me and all others but yet there are millions hungry for the Lord in the last days wanting that extra spiritual touch to guide them. The Cross no-one had to suffer hanging Jesus Did. And as I have many spiritual visions as the Spirit of the Lord comes that’s free without a price just like you just receive as you constantly receive you put out about Mr. Kavanaugh’s that came free because the Lord loves you and You love the lord as I can tell and see by your many videos, books are written, speaking engagements. I am astonished and very happy your growing and growing.
    I don’t understand, I cannot see the parallel, I immediately tie Jesus walk life when he walked among the Disciples teaching healing, praying, casting and rebuking . not one time in the years he spent with them. he charged them to sit, follow wherever he said for them to follow: Yet still in reading the Holy word as Jesus being their Lord and Teacher, still, there was NO! fee or price of charge to hear the Fathers voice and ministry.
    Help me understand this. You operate as an Overseer managing Kingdom business and also assist in ministering, but how does this line up with the Holy Scriptures and Jesus Christ: if an individual has a calling and your that leader “CHOSEN” to have a mantle of anointing to anoint and lay hand to help others birth out their inner spiritual calling gifts , is there such things as a fee/ to charge to learn a ministry of God the creator when it is free from God from the beginning the WORD.
    The disciples were all in ministry school but under Jesus Christ, closely as they tentatively listen on and harbored the gospel for learning and spiritual growth and development to be strong Ministers of the 5 fold gospel ministry. No one paid anything to be taught or prayed to walk in the call.
    Like in your video, you said,” God announce Jeremiah and Ezekiel into their calling as Prophets to aid to His will and purpose in fulfilling the scripture as God sees fit. and they were anointed by God, so has He anointed you, but without a Price from God, but he gave you spiritual leaders in advance in their role and office to help feed your spirit to unlock your spiritual calling.
    Yes, I do agree that there are many of us living beneath the call to aid to the kingdom; when others don’t acknowledge or desire to hear what you as a prophet has to say. Jesus needs all to Stand now, I go out in faith allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me in areas where He already knows, who need God and I do it heartedly unto Jesus Christ. things have gotten bad that Pastors have gotten to the point they don’t want any prophet or anyone t tells them nothing even if God send to speak to them, The body of Christ is being pushed, shoved and ostracize because of those who humbly revealing Gods holy message.
    I am not attacking You Ms. Lecalire, I cant You are Gods and called by Jesus Christ, not one bit or to say the least. that’s not my intention just frustrated watching millions of leaders who have their ministry posting online and even locally throughout the world. Seems to me, More people are Getting famous and getting their Fame off of Jesus Christ suffering, torture, and death. when We the saints of God; were never the ones on that cross dying for all men sins taking our place with No Charge. Even though I know and the believers know: That The Messiah Lives and He is sitting on the right hand of the father on His throne constantly praying for those of us who are with Him remain steady, continue until the end of His coming for the Church.
    Like I said No Pastor Leclaire, I am not touching the anointed or bringing Gods Prophet no harm that’s not me, I have a calling and I just saw your video and then logged onto the school of prophetic and realize the prices. I have been unemployed for a good while now and I dedicate my life to help others and God is in charge of taking over because I am earthly unemployed but heavenly employed for him.
    Actually, I admire You. Just being realistic because I really discover and learn a lot from God when I sit for hours in the devastating before him as the Lord’s spirit guides me for clarity and understanding. I am trying everything to the TRUE Life walk Christ Walked with the Disciples, How he not once shown in the scripture He told them verbally as written to illustrate as I followed along He told each one of them, you all have to pay a fee for Him to give his fathers words of the gospel into their lives as well as the people the 5,000 he fed and more. Just if you could respond and help me understand where does edifying Gods creation mankind where He says in His holy word for a man( who has been appointed as a Leader), to charge the believers.
    If you have a spiritual ability given to help others then, why charge when the Word of the Gospel is No charge. Jesus Charge them to Go and preach the Gospel as they have been taught by him and H did Exactly what God His Father Charged Him to do , being committed to obey and give all GLORY and Honor to hit it unto the glory to serve the fathers in his plan and will and Jesus kept His oath to the Father, and freely it cost the disciples nothing but a confessed heart of sins, receive the Lord as Lord sent by God and being washed and redeemed in Jesus Christ. No cost. this hinders many people who look for Leaders following the same gospel touching, anointing, binding, casting, healing, lifting the hearts of men and unlocking through the Prophetic powers given to help others to run the race a
    I will continue as being Led by the Holy Spirit listen to your teaching videos, regardless and wish and pray for your calling to continue in the endeavors as A Servant unto Jesus Christ who is our Lord and savior that your Basket will remain full, fruitful and your life and family to forever be blessed. I will pray For our President and the Government all against all those who are attacking Gods work being done throw the government and all innocent parties who are under demonic attacks trying to block what God the father is exposing and unlocking all the dark secrets, wickedness, and evil schemes and plots sent by the enemy . Pray for me if you will , and I will continue to ask God to bless your calling as the Pastor overseeing many as you operate in the Gifts bestowed upon you the faithful one chosen and called by the Lord. Thanks for taking time out to read this email message and respond at your convenience.
    God bless you dear. One thing I can point ut inclosing this message Yes in the WORD of God as it is written, ‘ He Gives Thee Power To Get Wealth and I am glad that it is in your books audio etc.. but I question?? the unlocking the gifts if your able to apply the holy fire to help unlock others that’s all . I know Technology and internet use is costly to reach others but just concern with reading the messages also posted concerning what I have stated about the charge of ministering Gods Gospel Gods Gospel but at a Price with varies pricing package option for the school of prophecy session. This did not happen when Jesus did teach many who followed and were hungry for the learning of the kingdom wanting more and more EVERYTHING was NO Charge!
    You are through and very clean in your teaching. May heaven continue to smile upon you as you minister day by day, on your family and ministerial staffs. Thank you!
    Stay Bless Up In Jesus Name!

  2. Denise

    If it weren’t for my recent sight of a very large discerned spirit in our presence at church, I would not give this much thought. After praying for God to remove it or amplify it based on the presence being from Him or the work of the enemy, I no longer saw it. The darkness left. What I did see was a dark silhouette/profile of a man/being left side of our choir, facing the stage. When I actually looked at it I couldn’t see it. Only in my periphery was it discernable. It would catch my eye about 4 times before I understood what I might be seeing. I prayed and it left.

    Then today I am led to this woman on YouTube, Jennifer LeClaire. I go to her website because I’m curious in light of the recent events in my life 🤯 and find this article published yesterday. Even as a victim of sexual abuse this allegation seems like a witch hunt. But….now this seems to give everything context.

  3. precious

    Hello prophetess,

    this is the exact same feeling that came over me after seeing the accusations. God is very faithful , thanks for conforming my thoughts and allowing to know that I can hear God.

  4. Rosie

    Thank you for these prayer points! Sometimes it is hard til ow how to pray.

  5. Mona fox

    He seems like a good man! However, I don’t know if he’s guilty or not!


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