A Now Word with Johnathan Stidham
Awakening House of Prayer

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Get prophetic inspiration for victorious living. Jennifer LeClaire and other share now-messages equip you to overcome and walk in God’s purpose for your life.


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  1. Bonnie

    Thank you dear Jennifer and brother Jonathon,
    That passage in Matt. 25 has always powerfully spoken to me and God had me involved for close to 5 plus years of giving food and clothes to churches in the city…then people weren’t there to come alongside of me, accountable in the church, my husband and others didn’t want me to go alone into certain neighborhoods, But God- was always with me! Now in my 70’s and my husband and I are retiring and I continue to beseech the Father for His new plan that that my husband and I will have a new assignment! I pray my husband will listen to this message—He is the beginning and the end!


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