Every time I visit Singapore, I get a renewed worldview. It’s as if the spirit realm opens up to me and I see with greater clarity. Last year, the Lord released angels of fire to accompany me—and they haven’t left me.

This year was a little more intense. I woke up on my first morning in Singapore with the realization that there were angels and demons in my room. I felt the presence of God, but also felt a war in the Spirit.

I knew the Holy Spirit was trying to show me something, but there was a battle going on. That battle manifested in the natural with all forms of distractions. I had to press through to receive from the Lord what He had ordained for me that morning.

After pressing through the battle and quieting my soul, I heard the Lord say:

Ancient angels from the company of revelation are going to visit those in this hour who have been experiencing dreams and visions they do not comprehend and cannot understand.

I have released companies of revelation angels to expound and explain those deeper truths that many could not bear and the mysteries that have so far only been partially unlocked to a few over the ages.

I am releasing these angels with a word of caution to My people: Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Stick close to me, closer than you have ever drawn, and you will avoid deception and enter into a deeper mode of revelation in your daily walk.

The unknown will become known in layers and degrees as you demonstrate consistency in the spirit. I am bringing My seers and prophetic people into a new dimension of the revelatory realm where mind cannot comprehend, but angels can explain.

Just as I sent angels to Daniel and John to bring understanding of what they were seeing, I am dispatching angels on assignment to bring understanding to those who have been crying out for accurate interpretations of things they see and hear as they lay on their bed or as they walk through their

I am dispatching angels on assignment to bring “aha” moments for the purpose of prayer and intercession that brings My will to pass and My kingdom into the earth in greater measure. I am calling you to incline your ear to Me, to seek first My kingdom, and to receive my angels of revelation.

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  1. cliff

    That is great moving in higher dimensions and tapping from the spiritual realm precisely

  2. Allison Noles

    I’ve been experiencing this and have been trying to understand what I’ve seen in my visions, things that I cant even research… not knowing which way to turn or go with it.

  3. Kenneth Byrd

    Apostle Jennifer I have been having a lot of dreams, visions and seeing spirits demons and angels. I have been fought on every hand and had my life threaten. Apostle please pray for me. Many people I use to affiliate with have walked away from me or the Holy Spirit spoke to leave them alone. I have a gift to prophesy, laying on hands for healing and casting out demons. I want to be mentored, I can’t trust a lot of people because the enemy is after my anointing. I just want to know am I on the right road? God Bless

  4. Janet G.

    This is an on time message for me. Just 9/24/18,while in prayer I asked the Father to make my dreams and the interpretations clearer.
    Thank You
    Janet G.

  5. Stewart Fry

    Amen, Sister Thank you for sharing and bringing confirmation to me. I’ve learned a lot from listening to a few of your messages.
    A time times I feel isolated and it’s hard to share revelation with people because they can’t see what I’m seeing.
    I have been warning people in the small Ministry I have been apart of since it started 18 months ago.
    The Apostle? I have been mentored by is deceiving people and now I’ve walked away because I can’t be around the deception. My wife stayed to protect the elders and people we invited to this Ministry.
    Very sad that people are wolves in sheeps clothing, and now the mask I removed.
    My marriage is suffering because of that spirit that is operating.

    Waiting for the Lord to expose this non repentant pastor who is controlling the people.

    God bless you.

  6. linda stevens

    Thank you so much for this email. I know Jesus is calling me. I have been through hell lately. I have a dark witch and her flock praying on me and against me. I have moved 2500 miles away……still they….

  7. Sandra Raveling

    So want to do more and understand more. God needs us to be ready.

  8. Jo Ann

    I am so exicited, many years ago, I recieved a Prophecy that I was ordained to be a
    Prophtress and one day God was going to use me in mightier ways than I ever though possible, and there are two Angels wuth md Healing and Prophecy! I am hoping the Connection with your Ministry is an ordained moment for me, fir me tk begin to walk in the Gifts and Calling God has on my life. Satan has tried to kill me so may times. But, Gid has kept me, and I am still holding fast to His Word!

  9. Jo Ann

    I am so excited to have you to become a partvof my life! I had a vision in Oct 2017, where I saw a North Korean Military man standing in front of a big round objects and his arms were moving as fast as they could go, i heard the words ‘accelerated Nulear weapon building. I looked up nuclear weapons and realized this was the part of the weapon were the explosives go. I started praying for the leader Kim of North Korea, asking the Lord to change his heart, and remove the hate. In Feb. 2018, I was interceding for Kim, and North Korea, suddenly I felt I was there, and I could see people celebrating, I started to sing in the Spirit, and it sounded like an Asian language. The Lord did touch Leader Kim’s heart. Peace now with North and South Korea, and Kim, destroyed some of his Nuclear sites this year. God is Awesome!

    • Joan

      We have dream a month ago that Kim the North Korea leader comes to Lord.

  10. Joyce Johnson

    I’m a SEER need lots of help been in WARFARE for 5 yrs crying most of them 5 yrs been homeless lost love one family I need a mentor I need counseling I need help

  11. Neetu

    Love you so very much Jennifer. Thank you for all your hard work & dedication. Thank you for all your emails. God Bless you & your Ministry abundantly.

  12. Deidre

    I just read this and although I was just in my lounge, the anoiting of God is moving so much. I actually was looking to testify on another message she gave when I came across this ‘wow’. I feel so blessed and favored to come to this message as I previously dreamt about having a baby but in my dream some person said that my baby would have issues learning and I realized that I would dream and struggle to get full interpretation but in my dream I said ‘I will pray and my baby will be healed’. I was just thinking about this dream again recently and this word has blessed me so much.

  13. Odette Del Rio

    Amen. Thank you for sharing your experiences as well as the wisdom gained from them. The Lord has given me visions and dreams. The visions, such as one I had while at the Malaysia airport, a month prior to the disappearance of the fatal Malaysia Airlines plane. It was as if I were watching what was happening on board. I could see & could hear children & women crying in desperation. I understood there was nothing I could do because it was going to happen, but I knew to pray for the lives that would be in this situation. Even then, I prayed it would not happen, like Yeshua prayed “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” Matthew 26:39. Yet, thanks be to God He did it for us.
    When it comes to dreams, they have been clear as a bell ring. Detailed & prophetic & mostly personal in nature regarding people I have met or am about to meet. His love is amazing that HE sets us up to bless others before they even know God is seducing them by His love through His servants. Again, thank you for your part in sharing what is not usually preached or taught in many church gatherings God bless you more.

  14. Marsha Wathen

    I have been having dreams, visions, going in the spirit to locations where I am seen, witness demons, hearing the voice of God telling me to be a healer, hearing Holy Spirit speak, having revelations about people and situations, hands on physical healings, and on and on, since the 60’s. God has taken me through so many experiences with Him to learn to trust Him and recognize His voice, but understanding what I am seeing, hearing, knowing, experiencing is what I need!! He gave me a vivid dream about me joining a group of seers and watchmen, but we have yet to be given our assignment while we are surrounded in His Glory Cloud. I have prayed to be with that group and I hope that the school of the seers is the answer to that prayer. Thank you for yielding to Holy Spirit to focus on seers.


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