God gave me a clear prophetic word. He is giving dedicated seers x-ray vision. Let this inspire you to press into the seer realm.

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  1. Marion Clark-Ingram

    Jennifer, you have beautiful spiritual sight and insight, and your natural sight will be greatly improved. Much love and respect to you!

  2. Elisabet Mercado

    Blessings beloved Jennifer. My is Elisabet Mercado from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Im parr of the pastors called for this time. Your ministry already bless me with your teachings and this word confirms something the Lord told me last week. He show the word in supersize Discernment! I receive the word you spoke this is for me. Thanks for your obedience.

  3. Jo Ann Davis

    I am a dedicated seer. Alot of things that I see concern the United States, and praying against plans the enemy has had in Nuclear Attacks against our Country. The Lord showed me things about North Korea, and their Leader Kim…I prayed and interceded for mo ths, and there was a Major Breakthrough this year. I do want to continue to See. I have shared with some at Church, some accept, others do not. So I am excited about becoming a part of your Seer Ministry

  4. Tina Simek

    Wow! I just had a dream two nights ago that I received an eye transplant. I received two new eyes. And when I got up from the table and opened my eyes I could see so clearly, everything was so bright.
    I have been asking the Lord to help me see more clearly in the spirit because when people come for prayer or counseling I want to help them get free, I want more discernment for what is really going on with them. Because it is the truth that sets us free.
    Thank you Jennifer, this Word is a confirmation of my dream and the Lord is answering my prayers.

  5. Elizabeth Kroeker

    I saw a show on the use of a drone which could “see” beneath the earth’s surface with ground penetrating technology on the Big Island of Hawaii to track the lava flowing where it could not be seen on the surface, in order to alert people to the danger and get them out of harm’s way. This morning I woke early and felt the Lord was saying that like that drone, He gives vision for danger that is deeper than we can see in the natural, but we need to ask Him to show us (like deploying the drone) and then watch like the drone operators did and then speak out with warning when He shows us these hidden dangers. This only comes from looking through the Lord’s perspective, seeking His face and His wisdom.

  6. Bobby

    Keyword there is dedicated.

  7. melinda quattlebaum

    I bless the Lord for you Jennifer Leclaire and your anointed teaching such an eye opener for me. I am a prophet for this season and desire more teaching and grooming I do follow your teaching and truly appreciate what God has raised up in you…will keep you in prayer and will continue to search out more in his word threw the holyspirit and desire to go deeper into seeing and deserning more and want to continue to grow. Thank you

  8. Francis Emeka Asiegbu

    May God keep you for the end time assignment through which many sinners have been made saints with spiritual gifts. May God grant you His supernatural ease and double honors in Jesus name.

  9. Yolandi Oberholzer

    Thank you Apostle Jennifer. This means so much to me. I have been experiencing x-rays vision and was wondering what was going on as my gifting seems to have been flared up.

  10. Joy

    Need seerers to pray for revelation and exposureof who or what is doing this. Getting physically injured after falling asleep. Wake up in pain feeling sick. Like being drugged. Some kind of occultic attack. Cant find access point. Please pray for me.


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