Atlanta is on God’s mind and heart. His eye is indeed on Atlanta. I’ve discerned this every time I’ve traveled to and through this great city.

During our second prophetic intercessory prayer call over Atlanta in preparation to launch an Awakening House of Prayer there, we had a diversity of prayer leaders from the region leading intercession. During my turn, the Lord gave me a prophetic word for Atlanta:

Yes, I have called Atlanta as a hub of innovation, as a hub of technology, as a hub of transportation—but I have called Atlanta as a hub for My glory and I will allow My glory to dwell there as My people lift up prayers because they are delightful to My heart and they are a sweet smelling incense to My noise. And I will see and I will answer and I will respond in a mighty way. And I will fill this city with light and the darkness will have to flee because My glory will outshine the wicked works of the enemy.

I am calling you to pray and I am calling you to fast. And I am calling you to make intercession and I am calling you to war. And I am calling you to stand on the wall. And I am calling you to make up the hedge, standing in the gap.

I am calling you to fence Atlanta in with your prayers, to build a hedge of protection around it that the enemy might not penetrate. For the enemy has plans, terrible plans for this city, but I have great and mighty plans and My plans will prevail if My people humble themselves and pray and repent and turn from their wicked ways. My plans will prevail. My plans will always prevail when My people partner with Me to usher in My glory, to usher in My will.

So I’ve called you to stand and I’ve you to walk and I’ve called you to run and I’ve called you to leap over a wall. I’ve called you to go with Me wherever I take you to expose the works of darkness—not to agree with them but to expose them even in the church; to expose them in prayer, to lay them naked before Me and to cry out for mercy because mercy triumphs over judgment.

I want to pour My mercy out on My bride in Atlanta for all the sin and all the shame, I still love My bride and I will restore them and I will lift them up and I will cause them to unite once again for My glory.

If you want to join the next prophetic intercessory prayer call over Atlanta in August, please visit this link to register. Registration is free. But if you miss the broadcast you can catch the replay link.

If you want to listen in to the prayer, check out the YouTube audio.


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  1. Evangelist Gloria Chandler

    I have been trying to relocate to Atlanta, & I feel forces trying to keep & stop me, but I did get there for a Christian TV Conference in June, & look at a few houses, but I need to return to put a contract on one. The enemy keeps trying to hinder with my credit score in moving forward. So, I am asking prayer to help me move farther that I may get to Atlanta. I am an intercessory pray warrior, but keep being hindered. I must get out of this city of Canton, Oh., to be freed to walk in my calling & speaking as a five-fold ascention gift.


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