During a recent trip to Indonesia, the Lord began to speak to me about this nation—world’s largest island country and the world’s fourth-most populous country and the one with the highest population of Muslims.

I had the honor of ministering in a mega church in Bali, where there is a higher concentration of Hindus. (It also has the largest Starbucks in Southeast Asia. I’ve never seen anything like it!)

As I was praying for the nation, I heard the Lord say:

“The land is crying out for redemption and the land is crying out for healing. I will do a work in this land as the intercessors and prophets rise together, hearing my voice and praying what I tell them to pray, decreeing and declaring My will for this nation.

“Indonesia has a prophetic voice, a voice that will trumpet throughout Southeast Asia as it embraces its prophets. Receive a prophet in the name of a prophet and you will receive a prophet’s reward.”

As I continued to pray, I saw a strong resistance to God’s agenda for the next five years and then a breakthrough if the intercessors and prophets band together.

Indeed, the next five years are critical to discovering, training, and activating prophets and prophetic intercessors who will travail for the rebirth of an ancient land for the glory of God.

The Lord also showed me this: Before the land can be healed, Indonesians must be healed.

Prior to a major outpouring, an inner healing movement will sweep through the church in Indonesia and the pain of past generations will be dealt with so that the warriors can rise with a fearlessness to take the land for the glory of God.

Will you pray for Indonesia, its prophets, intercessors and others who are praying for revival? Wil you stand with them?


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