On my Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer broadcast, I heard the Lord say:

It is not My will for you to walk around with your head hung low. My will for you is to walk around with your head looking up because your redemption draws nigh. It comes from heavenly places. His name is Jesus. He redeemed you. He redeemed you. He redeemed you unto victory.

I’ve not called you to walk around feeling sorry for yourself and wondering what bad thing might happen next. Evil forebodings are not your portion. So stop thinking about what might happen next to derail you. Stop thinking about all the bad things that could happen and begin to meditate on My goodness. Begin to meditate on My love.

Understand and know that I have a future and a hope for you. And My kindness toward you will never expire. It will pave the way for the many blessings that I have in My heart for you. Begin to shift your thinking and you will begin to shift your speaking. But as long as you’re thinking about the evil day, you won’t think about My blessings. You’ll be worried, and fretting, and concerned and overwrought.

Begin to think about the many blessings I’ve already promised you. Begin to think about the many blessings I’ve already poured out upon you. Begin to see your future as bright because I see it as bright. I see it as full of love, says God. I see it as full of life. I see it as full of prosperity and healing.

It’s time to come out of survival mode and into success mode, because I’ve not called you to be merely a survivor. I’ve called you to be a success. I’ve called you to succeed in My kingdom. Not in the way that the world succeeds. Not by the world’s measure of success, but by the measure of My Spirit.

And by the measure of My spirit, you are strong. You are an overcomer. You are healed. You are ready to run. You are prosperous. By the measure of My spirit, you have everything because I have blessed you with all things pertaining to life and godliness. I have made you, by faith in My Son, a partaker of My divine nature. And My divine nature does not include woe. My divine nature does not include failure. My divine nature does not include stress. My divine nature does not include a tormented soul.


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  1. Lauren

    I need help in the seer anointing!! #heavypersecution #misunderstood #eventoldIwastheholdupofmychurchelevatingandthatmyrevelationsaredemonic

    • Emma

      the church is asleep and many think that warning revelation is demonic. I too shared with a pastor of a church that it is vital to give warning to the church about repentance and to get ready because things are growing increasingly dark. The Lord is faithful do not be discouraged, take heart!!HE WILL EQUIP YOU WITH ALL YOU NEED.

    • Yoleen Landers

      Amen, spoke directly to my spirit, very prophetic, Thank You Father

  2. Robin Mayer

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

    • Kris


  3. Joanie

    Thank you,Jesus!
    Thank you, Jennifer!

  4. Carlos Martinez

    Amen! A true Word for me & the Body of Christ in dew season. Thank you Apostle

  5. Donette

    My husband and I do needed these words this morning! We are facing a huge, immediate financial crisis & these words remind us that we are more than conquerors! The Father knew our need long before we did & has the answer. Praise God name that He has called us to walk in victory not defeat!

    • Tamela Jackson

      The LORD is with you and HE will see you through!

  6. Sharon

    Praise God for this word

  7. Cynette

    Thank U Jennifer!! My Head is not down and I don’t feel sorry for myself or anyone else for that matter! My Hope Is N Yeshua,Abba Father and The Holy Spirit!! His Grace is Sufficient!! Bless U!!

  8. Pastor Bobby del Campo

    Good word, another personal signpost for me on the way to receiving manifestation of His promises, I pray for God’s Blessing, Honor, Favor, Increase and protection for you and your loved ones. You are a beautiful and Virtuous woman in the classical sense of the word.. stay blessed BdC

  9. Diane

    Very timely word for my life right now! Thank you Lord. Thank you Jennifer for listening and sharing!

  10. Rosalind aka roz777 on Periscope

    Amen!!! Thanks for the encouragement. I am victorious!!!

  11. Tamela Jackson

    Thanks I needed that! The LORD has always been with me and I know that He will never leave me or forsake me. We all are going through things but hold on to the mighty hands of JESUS and with Him by your side you will be an overcomer! Remember fear is a liar!!!

  12. Kelly

    Thank you for sharing this word with me! It was definitely timely and I receive it!

  13. Asel

    amen THANK U \o/

  14. terri figgers

    Thank You Jesus

  15. Danielle Bedford

    Thank you Jennifer, this is exactly how I was feeling and thinking today. Thank you for your God’s words of encouragement. It is not easy to speak the truth in love. May God continue to bless, comfort and pour his love on you for speaking his word with boldness. Well done good and faithful servant.

  16. Evelyn Izaguirre

    A few weeks ago during my usual walking routine, I was meditating on this profetic word, which the Lord is confirming and reminding me through your post. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to switch my mind from dwelling on everything what was missing in my life and replace it with everything what is possible. He even reminded me that this is how He handles disappointment because since the beginning, when Adan and Eve rejected His designed, that did not take Him by surprised because He had already thought of was possible: Jesuschrist is what is possible. He invited me to write a list of everything what was missing in my life and then write a list of everything what is possible. Soon after, I came back home, I went to my room and began to pour out my heart writing on my journal about what was missing, while listening to worship music, my soul was overwhelmed and afflicted, I broke down crying and I could not stop, when suddenly my son appears in my room with my favorite flowers, a box of chocolates, three balloons and a card. I took a pause of a few minutes to address him because he had to leave quickly but the love of God manifested through my son’s good deeds during that night was the defining manifestation of His presence that I desperately needed to be able to switch my mind from thinking on what was missing to what is possible and so after my son left, I went back to write the list of what is possible dwelling on the verse written on Matthew 19:26 (NIV): “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”….


  17. Theresa Miller

    Thank you so much for this on time word. I definitely needed to hear this. I love your teachings, too. I have learned so much from them. Thank you

  18. Sue

    In all honesty- How do you just do that? I am a fighter to the core. However, survival has been my struggle. I think it is quite successful that God is providing a roof, food, safety. I don’t get it.

  19. ben

    I receive it!

  20. Caroline

    Thank you so much.
    It seems as if this message is for me.
    Thank you Jesus.

  21. RUTH

    Thank you God in Jesus Mighty Name ,

  22. Linda

    Thank you for obeying God to share his heart with us concerning where he wants us to be.completly awed by his words.


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