I heard the Lord say, “The season of realignment is upon you, but there is a purpose in the realignment. I am bringing My people into a realignment for a reassignment.

“I am re-assigning people in My body–repositioning them for maximum impact. In past seasons, you climbed as high in the Spirit as you could in your current surroundings. You got comfortable with what you knew and who you ran with. I am shaking things up to spur you to greater things, to greater works.”

“I am retooling your spiritual warchest with new weapons. I am realigning you with new purposes and new people for new potential. I am re-assigning you to new jobs, new careers, new territories, new churches, new plans and new ways of thinking, speaking and moving.”

“Understand, the re-alignment is not random. It is strategic for your new assignment. Embrace the realignment. Embrace the re-assignment. Embrace the retooling. I am working all things together for the greater good.”

Want to watch me unpack this prophecy? Check out the video.



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  1. Sheri Keen

    This is ringing in my spirit!! I am.listening now for the 3rd time! Praise God!!

  2. Sue Bergeron

    yes I already left this church and am seeking another but yes I want to be used message was right on

  3. karen

    need to work on the volume of the videos

  4. Noella Gueit

    This word spot on for me. Right in the middle of a dilemma, to leave or not to leave my Church. Fear if I do so, I might walk out of God’s will. But this word has brought peace and confidence. Thank you for hearing from God, Jennifer.

  5. Wanda

    I’ve somethings and my spirit was telling me something yet I could only hear bits and pieces for some months. Such as prepare to move, pull closer and I am right here. I played this video and BAM! The pieces snapped together

  6. Sumathi

    Thank you Jennifer! Yes I know I have a new assignment! Waiting and moving where opportunities are opening up.

  7. Donna Martin

    This explains my whole life for the past few months. I knew it, but this just spells it right out.


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