This prophetic word will encourage your heart. The Lord says:

I have a plan. Don’t you think I have a plan? Whatever it is you’re going through; whatever it is you are facing, I have a plan. I have a plan and My plans are perfect, and My plans are thorough! I don’t leave any I’s undotted or any T’s uncrossed; nothing gets by Me, nothing slips past Me. I see the end from the beginning.

I see the opposition that’s trying to destroy you. I see those minions keeping you up at night with worry and regret and pain and wonder. I see those things that stall you. I see those things that hinder you.

I am greater than all of those things, so why don’t you just look up, why don’t you just take a look upon Me? Why don’t you just gaze upon the beauty of My Son? Why don’t you just dwell on the reality of the Holy Spirit’s presence on the inside of you? Why don’t you stop looking around and about at everything that’s going wrong and talking about it and thinking about it and telling everybody around you about it and confessing how it will never change?

Why don’t you begin to say what I say about you? Why don’t you begin to say what I’ve said to you in the past seasons? Why don’t you begin to re-prophesy that which I spoke to your heart many years ago? Why don’t you begin to prophecy it again and again? Why don’t you take Paul’s advice? Why don’t you pick up that prophetic word and swing it like a sword? Why don’t you do what Jesus did in the wilderness? Why don’t you say to the devil, “IT IS WRITTEN!”

Because My Word is alive. My Word is sharper than any two-edged sword. It is able to divide from what is bothering you in your soul and what is coming against you in the spirit. It’s able to discern your thoughts; it’s able to help you discern the enemy’s attacks; it’s able! It’s able! It’s able! It’s powerful! It’s mighty! It’s My Word! Why don’t you stand on it? Why don’t you walk in it? Why don’t you meditate upon it? Why don’t you confess it day and night, night and day? Why don’t you renew your mind with it?

I left it there for you. It’s right there for you! It’s in a book! It’s in a book! It’s in a book! I left you My Testament, I left you My Will. All you have to do is agree with it. Like I said in Amos, how can two walk together unless they’re agreed? But so many times, you come out of agreement with Me and you get into agreement with the enemy of your soul. So, break that agreement and realign yourself with My Heart, because I am here, and I am ready, and I am willing to lift you up again! I am here, and I am ready, and I am willing to dust off the enemy’s residue of resentment and the enemy’s residue of shame, and that attack, that attack, that attack that never seems to stop.

I am willing to intervene, but I will intervene with My Word in your mouth, because My Word in your mouth will not return void any more than it will return void out of My mouth. So why don’t you try putting My word in your mouth? And why don’t you stop speaking the enemy’s words out of your mouth?

I’m giving you a battle plan. I’m showing you the way through this season of trial. I’m showing you a way through this season of temptation. I’m showing you a way through this season of unbearable agony. Press through with My Word. My Word is like a hammer and it breaks things to pieces, but you must put it in your mouth. You must speak it forth. Not just one time. Not just one time. Use My word like a carpenter uses a hammer to build a house. Let My words frame your life, says God. Let My words frame your life! Let My words build your life! Let My words build your life! Let My words renovate the house that you built that you don’t like; the life that you built with your words, the life that you don’t like right now. Let My words renovate it!

Let My words rip down things that you built that were not of Me; and let My words rebuild areas that the enemy has come and attacked and attacked and attacked using the words out of your mouth that weren’t in line with what’s coming out of My Heart, says God. If you’ll get into agreement with me, if you stop thinking what the enemy wants you to think, and stop saying what the enemy wants you to say, you’ll see swift victory.


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  1. Moreen

    I am very blessed to read your articles,Also,I went to a prophetic conference and that pastor kept saying over me governmental, governmental, governmental.Can you tell me what that means?Thank you and God bless you

    • Kimberly

      AMEN AMEN AMEN, I come in agreement!!! …and this word “agreement” The Lord has given to me time and time again lately…I am walking in Agreement and speaking the words for them to renovate my life In Jesus Mighty Name… we’ve rummaged around too long speaking and living in the rubble/dump of the enemy…Sweet Victory is here, AMEN

    • Estelle Plummer

      I come in complete agreement and align myself NOW!! to the WORD OF GOD IN MY LIFE !!!

    • Delfina Pedroza

      This is a blessing to me

    • Brenda Brown

      Wowwie! I will praise the Lord in all my days in all my seconds,I carry his spirit in me all day he has brought down all the strongholds the Lord has intervened with his Angels to change my coarse I praise the Lord oh my soul!Jesus is Lord hallelujah!
      Thank you for that holy spirit slap!! 😉💖💖💖

  2. Tanya Kotze

    Wow Jennifer,

    Your articles/devotions are amazingly awesome. Thank you

  3. Janet Smith

    Awesome. Just what I needed. Stop complaining and say what God says to say.

  4. Judy Mckenzie

    If this word was ever for anyone it was for me this day…ty

  5. Linda Smith

    For quite a while now the attacks, the way my life has been, the shame of not having enough, the shame of losing much. But this word has resonated in my spirit and my mind. As I read it out loud, it was as though the Lord began to touch me. I know it’s truly a word from Him. I love the Lord, I know Him. It’s just that attack, after attack, and heavy trials one after the other, it seemed as though I was at the utter end. But today I rise! God bless you and thank you!

  6. collette

    Wow what a blessed word from god …i actually thought that was to me …im going through such a terrible time at the moment …and what you have shared fully fits in to where i am ..may our lord cover all of his children under his wings …god bless sister…

  7. Desiree

    This is “Powerful “Amen and Amen…

  8. Marisol

    Jennifer this word was for me. I have been going through some very difficult times directly with the enemy of my soul. I have been in agony crying out to God and almost got trapped. I have declared his words and will declare his word over my life. Thank you so much for being used of Yahweh like you have been. What a true blessing you have been with these words.

  9. Gail

    thank you…

  10. Cynthia Flowers

    I receive and believe the Word of the Lord. Thank you Apostle Jennifer, May Father continue to richly bless you. I am an overcomer by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word that comes from my mouth.💕

  11. Emma Harling


  12. Joanna Faith Parrish

    Hi Jennifer, I have many of your books. They have encouraged & inspired me. Thanks for another pro-phetic word. I also have experienced betrayal and abandonment by my ex. I warned him,he was seduced by asian Jezebels. I endured death of parents, marriage & work shutdown. God is faithful and true. After 12 years of opposition,🏅I published my first book, prophetic poetry: Passages of a Pilgrim, available at Amazon/ Barnes & Noble. Keep up the great work God has assigned to you. You are making a dif-ference. The gates of hell shall NOT prevail!

  13. terri figgers

    Glory I needed that word. God bless you sister.

  14. Queen Hayes

    Thank you, Apostle for jerking the slack out of me. This is a grow-up word. Thanks for the kick in the pants that told me to do what I already know to do.

    Blessings to you,

  15. Elizabeth

    The timing of this is beyond comprehension to me tonight, and I cannot articulate how much it has touched me and reinvigorated hope in my heart. I discovered you very recently and feel that you were placed in my life by our heavenly Father. Thank you.

  16. Natalia Doull

    I will realign myself speaking words that are yours alone promises to me that I will claim for you alone are the mega and the omega the beginning and the end. Thank you for these words I was in much need of. May the Lord continue to bless you Sister x

  17. Evelyn

    Can you help me understand what this mean –
    “I don’t leave any I’s undotted or any T’s uncrossed;?

    This message re invigorate my spirit.

    • Skeeter

      An undotted “i” could be mistaken for an “l” or an uncrossed “T” could also be mistaken for an “l” or possibly another letter. Also, people are known not to dot their “i’s” or cross their “T’s” because it takes an extra stroke, and they just don’t put in the effort. Lastly, some people wait until they finish writing and then go back and dot the “i” and cross the “T”, but then they can miss some of the words. Our God is into exact detail, everything he says is complete and there is no error – so by dotting His ‘i’s” and crossing His “T’s,” there’s no confusion as to what He means and what He is saying.

  18. Molly Omotoso

    My my my, your article has so blessed me. It is God speaking into every situation I am going through right now. I will use my lips to confess the goodness of God and share my testimonies shortly. I pray that God blesses you abundantly for being a vessel of honour through which He speaks. May God continue to bless you and your ministry in Jesus Name. Amen.


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