The Lord shows me He is requiring to step out in faith to a new thing in this season—and stepping out in faith to a new thing demands putting something on the altar that was important to you. It means putting something on the altar that your identity may be wrapped up in; something you prayed for a long time and finally attained. God is wanting to see if that thing is more important to you than Him.

You’ve been wrestling with God just like Jacob wrestled with the angel. And he said, “I will not let you go until you bless me.” You’ve been wrestling with God. He’s challenged your heart to step out in faith. He’s challenged your heart to let some things go. He’s allowed you to become so miserable in your current situation—maybe it’s a job, maybe it’s a relationship, maybe it’s some kind of church you’re sitting in.

God has allowed you to become so miserable in it because He’s asked you to move out from it, and you have not wanted to move. You have not wanted to step out. You have not wanted to shake it loose, You have not wanted to leave it behind. But the Lord would say to you today,

“If you’ll put it on the altar, if you’ll step out in faith, if you’ll follow My Spirit,” says God. “If you’ll do what I’ve asked you to do, I will give you something so much better, so greater, so much stronger, so much more peaceful in your life, and it won’t look like what you think it’s going to look.

“It might give you the very thing that I’m asking you to sacrifice. Or it will take a new shape, a new form. I might just give it right back to you, I might not even make you sacrifice it. I just want to see if you’ll put it on the altar,” says God. “Oh, I just want to see if you’ll obey Me,” says God. “I just want to see if your faith is sufficient for the new season I’ve called you into,” says God. “I just want to know, but more than that, I want you to know, because I already know what you’re going to do in the end.

“I already know what you’re going do tomorrow and next week, but I want to show you what’s in you. I want to rip out of you—fear, I want to bring out of you—and doubt. I want to bring out of you those things that are causing you stress and causing you harm and causing you conflict in your soul,” says God. “I want to bring those things out of you. I want to bring you into a new place of peace, a new place of blessings, a new place that you can’t see.”

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  1. Pam Baker

    The Lord connected me to you recently and I want to thank you for blessing my life through your ministry. Praying for you in general and specifically with regard to the building issues. Here is a song that I use for my war chant. I hope it blesses you.
    Serving together, Pam

    • Crystal Peaks

      This blessed me so much! God has been speaking this very thing to my heart, almost in those exact words. It’s the confirmation to know I’m heading in the right direction. God bless you for releasing this word.

  2. Diana

    Timely word! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  3. Charlotte

    Thank you for your obedience to post this, it has brought great confirmation to my life.

  4. Gal Saaqqataa

    Absolutely true. I have seen it and realize it what you are telling us. It is true I was not realize that I do this and that in my life, of course I have seen myself doing things that I do not want let others do. Thank you for sharing!!!!!! Bless you more, and you become blessing for others.

  5. Tins Grenadier

    I have seen , heard, and been apart of many amazing & miraculous things with the lord, but I must say that this season is like no other that I have known!
    The Lorf will speak something to me and then you Apostle Jennifer, will word for word speak the same exact thing! I’m in awe / joy …. Your are so good Lord!!! Thank you for this provision at this season!
    Abundant Blessings too you!

  6. David Tetteh Dameh

    Thanks for sharing this important message to me David Dameh at this crucial stage I am in a church now that when God revealed something for you to do unless they agree, and if not that purpose of God would be waisted and I would bear the consequences. Because of this my life is miserable, debts etc.please pray for me for God’s direction

  7. Ann Amem

    God has used you to confirm something I am grappling with
    right now. He has placed a powerful restraint on something I very much want to do and I understood what He was teaching me. Your posting posting has more than confirmed it and reassured me that I am in His good hands, God bless you and empower you more,

    • Sheronda Powell

      Amen! Same here… God give us the strength to lay these things down, let go, and wait on you in peace and joy! I think that’s what he really wants. Letting go of fear, doubt, and frustration these things and trust. Selah

  8. Danielle Bedford

    The Lord indeed has told me to come off a job, lay down several things on the altar and end stress from dealing with people by giving them grace for things they did in error. Im willing to step out because its my time. Thank you for this timely work and conformation.

  9. LaToshia Smith

    Yes Lord…I am following you into my new season!

  10. Sue Adlington

    Yes, this word spoke into my heart.Did not get the internal job hoped for. Still in same caring charity. Was brave sang with the choir to raise funds to bless others.
    Have had to take on other families. Turn hatchet down.
    God asked me and others to die to Christ something. I felt anguish for the Thai boys (before rescued) leaves in my life, more access to grandchildren. I gave up anguish – two amazing things happened. The Thai children saved – many also called to pray, give expert knowledge. I also with my husband can have normal access after 5 years of asking.
    Called to relegation, Day visions today, blessings if I step out.

  11. Linda Matsuda

    Wow, wow, wow…Lord give me your discernment and the strength to walk out this word in my life. Thank you Lord!

  12. Kimberly Daley

    This really spoke to me & touched my heart.

  13. Sumathi Pagolu

    Yes am willing to follow you in the new season

  14. Dena

    I have been praying about what the Lord wants me to do at all . Called to prophetic ministry and I have been conflicted about church I am at right now and our pastor just resigned. Just pray for Jammie, that is my only request for him. As for the prophetic ministry training and call, I need prayer for discernment and wisdom to find out what to do next. I find I truly want it, getting going on it and I have materials to study I also need a face to face encounter in a church where the prophetic ministry is understood and even knowledgeable enough to instruct me on this as well. Letting go of some of the political stuff is all I can think of. A lot of the destructive side of it comes to mind.

  15. Dee

    Father show me what I have not released to you. Show me for I give it all to You! Blessed are You my Almighty Abba Father!

  16. Patricia Mackey

    I am right here in my marriage employment church so much I will do what He tells me to do Ive just got to know I have been here way too long in this place. I am being hindered all around but I see light at the end of the tunnel. Praise be to the Fathger

  17. Ketra

    I dont know what God wants or doesnt want. I need your guidance Lord please let me know what I need to do to be closer to you. 2 years of praying and changing my life and no word except showing me sin I still have in my life that I have learned about in dreams, when I have asked. I dont know what to do next after confessing my sins, praying and reading the Bible. Time is running out and I need to be led by the Holy spirit.


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