On my Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer call, I heard the Lord say:


“I, Myself, am your escape. So, stop looking here, there and everywhere for relief from the fire. For I am trying to birth in you and through you a movement of prayer in your spirit and in your heart that will break every chain; that will cause you to rise up, even in the midst of the fire, and sing My praises and shout My glory and see who I really am. I am birthing in you a movement of prayer. I am birthing through you a cry—a cry for deliverance. I am birthing through you a measure of intercession that you’ve never seen before.


I heard the Lord say, “When you’re in this furnace of affliction, if you’ll get your mind off yourself and begin to get your mind on Me—if you’ll get your mind off yourself and begin to get your mind on others who have it worse than you—you will see a measure of freedom and a self-sacrificing attitude that will bring you out of the furnace of affliction faster than any measure of self-pity ever would or ever could.”


“So, begin to see things the way that I see them. And, understand and know that I am refining you. And, although you’re miserable and although you feel like you’ll never emerge, you will emerge and you’ll emerge with more anointing. You’ll emerge from the wilderness like Jesus did, with more power. You will emerge and you will rise faster than you ever could have carrying the weight of the seasons of the past. For I am burning away those things which hinder love.


“I am burning off the mindsets and the characteristics that are not of Me. I am taking you to a new level of glory in the furnace of affliction. I am birthing in you a movement of prayer… Your first response when you begin to feel the fire will be to cry out to Me—looking for Me; searching for Me; understanding as David did, that I will never leave you without help, that I will always deliver you because of My kindness. I will always deliver you because I delight in you. I will always deliver you from the furnace of affliction at the right time.


“I will not allow the enemy to overtake you. But, I will use his plots and his schemes to cause you to see things about yourself that you need to accept so that you can allow Me to come in and strengthen you. Instead of walking in your own flesh—instead of fighting in your own flesh—you must learn to depend on Me with everything in you.


“You must lean your entire personality on Me, even those traits and those characteristics that you know are not of Me. You must begin to cast them on Me and allow Me to give you My heart in the matter. Allow Me to shine My light through you, so that other people will see Me in you. Your personality will take second seat to My personality rising up in you. My love, My kindness, My compassion will replace those hard edges in your life where you’ve been known to be rough.”


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  1. Crystal

    Amen! I receive it!

    • Deborah Meringer

      Amen I receive in Jesus name.

  2. Sonny

    Thankyou. And Thankyou Jesus. Its 4am here. And another sleepless night,
    I needed this now.

  3. George Chalifour

    That’s incredibly where I am and I see the way which I must go! And it has been there that I must turn my thoughts to the loving arms of the Holy God who lives and loves and forgives.

  4. Bharti

    I have been going through a fiery furnace in my life at too, at work place it’s in tolerable, thanks for the wotd

  5. Lenora M. Riley

    Good afternoon Apostle,
    Thank you so much. You are a true BLESSING. I received my book and look forward to reading it on my vacation.

    God Bless you
    Sister Lenora

  6. Jennifer Spears

    Yep, thank you God! Put in my head remembering of picture drew of four standing in what looks like fire, drew figures with I felt crowns on head…
    Thank you for the encouragement, for sharing.

  7. Steve Gokool

    Timely! Going through a lot of spiritual warfare, but receiving from the Lord. Two nights ago a family friend, and her family came to mind, and I could not remember her first name, as we’ve moved over two years ago and are out of touch. I asked my wife if she remembered her name and she did not. Guess who texted me yesterday?! She’s been looking for Christian colleges for her daughter. Her husband is not doing well. We’ll be praying for Keith, Mary Beth, Danielle, Gillian, and Amanda!

  8. Brenda Brown

    Praise you Jesus with a shoutout!! Hallelujah, 👏👏👏👏i receive Amen amen,since i have begun again, interceeding and praying and casting down demon and plot attacks off the children of our new generation and whom ever else the Lord shines light in the eyes of my heart to interceed for. I have noticed some doors open for new resources of income, and eyes opened to revelations. I am a giver but have been unemployed for 2 years now for i had to choose to take care of my mom. Now that mom has a provider, i can start working again. my #1 is making Jesus always Lord of my life and intercession for the equiping and protecting of people as you and the children, they are the future, i feel strongly the devil is attacking many of the thoughts and tricking many children with secular world and the political correctness of junk out there, just like a snake, the charmer. He has an agenda and i rebuke it and cast it down off of our children and prophets, and release a fresh anointing of the mind of Christ, in Jesus Name amen!

  9. Michelle Tewell

    This word is exactly what my husband and I need right now! Father, You are so amazing!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  10. elsa

    wow .. this touched my spirit to the core.. it spoke directly to me

  11. Kendra Youngblood

    Thank You Jesus. I feel so lost, back in 2016 I just left a ministry I was in off and on for 16 years. The Leader humiliated me any chance he could get. He tore up my marriage, separated my children from me. Then put me out of his church. I don’t have a church home and/or my family hates me now.

  12. Susan Duncan

    Thank you, needed this.

  13. Anonymous

    This was so timely!

  14. Sharri

    This word is the interpretation of a dream I had. It’s eveything God has been speaking to me! Confirmation confirmation confirmation!

  15. Jessica

    WOW!! That’s a AWESOME word and I receive it!! Thank you JESUS!!

  16. Judy Mckenzie

    This word was very on time for me. Thank you Jennifer for your obedience.

  17. Susan Horgan

    Absolutely Perfect message. We live in a rough world and we can certainly mimic its behaviors. My favorite prayers with God are the ones that I get a different answer and view from Him than I had anticipated. And that ‘twist’ actually occurs most of the time!

  18. Patricia

    Thanks this is a personal word for me this word brough me to tears. I receive this word.

  19. Iris Presser

    I have been pressing into the Lord these last two weeks for direction and for his Heart about the furnace I have been in for almost a year. Wanting to know Him! and hear His Heart! I use to say: if you could just write me a letter I can read Lord…well He did thru you Jennifer! Everything was clear and exact for me…thank you for being obedient!

  20. Dayme Joseph

    I cried through this entire prophecy. It is for me! I already purchased both books, Mornings with the Holy Spirit and Evenings with the Holy Spirit. I started spending more time with Him since I got the books on July 25th. Thank you very much Apostle Jennifer for sharing this prophecy. God bless you!

  21. Pamela Beatty

    Thank you so much for sharing His heart with us…….this is very precious!!!

  22. M Young

    Thank you Prophetess LeClaire!!

    This WORD rendering was profoundly timely…. A prophetic confirmation in this season of refinement.

    We declare the Shalom Presence of YESHUA TO BE YOUR DAILY PORTION!!
    Num 6:24-26

  23. Sue

    Wow my friend sent this to me at the very right time in my life where there has been so much confusion frustration but this is giving me hope to continue on and press in for I am believing the outcome will be amazing but we must go through the fires first

  24. jane

    this is my word exactly

  25. Gail Wolczynski

    Great word from the Lord! When we cry out to Jesus (when we would like to respond to a particular situation in our own “default” response rather than how Jesus would respond) is when His grace and wisdom through Holy Spirit will help us to do and say what the Father would do and say (as Jesus declared “I only do what My Father is doing”). I thank God for Father Son and Holy Spirit and for people like you Jennifer that God uses to keep us on track. Keep up the good work!

  26. Evangelist Gloria Chandler

    I was very attentive to this word, for it hit my spirit sharply. I know I need to do everything I read more & more. So much has had me frustrated & enemy doing his best to take me down, illness, finances, stress, depression,& it has almost led me to have forgotten where I am or who GOD has called me to be. But because of whose I am, “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper”, no not one. It may form, but it will not prosper. I realize that word was directly for me & I must gurd up & adhere to every word. It’s a new day, a new time, & a new season, and time is of the essence. Thank you Jennifer for your obedience. Blessings.

  27. Sumathi Pagolu

    Thank you very much for sharing with us what God put on your heart for us.

  28. Elizabeth

    You are talking to me

  29. Madelon Dribble

    So right on!
    Nothing missing!

  30. Patience

    This is for me!!! Thank you for your obedience!! Blessings

  31. Lindiwe Ngwenya

    Thank you so much for this perfect massage. I received in the name of Jesus.

  32. Faith Miller

    This word is very timely & spot on speaking deeply to me. Only those who go thru the fiery furnace of affliction truly know the blessings thru the surrender & sacrifice

  33. Naomi Shoko

    Thank you Jennifer, I needed this word today.


    Praise the lord !!Im So blessed by that powerfull word .I strongly believe that it my word ,i receive it ,i possess it & ithank GOD For it.God bless you &increase your ministry &ANOINT YOU WITH more freshness.God Bless you so much.

  35. Beulah

    I agree with this .touched my heart to God be all the Glory.

  36. Phyllis Cain

    Thank you Lord! I receive it.

  37. Linda Hardiman

    Thank you, Father…I was given a prophecy last night that I was being cleansed and that I needed to remove myself from the situation I am experiencing at present and to allow the Father to handle it! This prophecy you received, Jennifer was for me, because the Lord went into the detail I needed to be free of this situation and to rely on Him for EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for sharing this; I now know that the Lord has not forsaken me, but will remain until His reflection in the mirror of the Holy Spirit is reflected in me! Thank you again for your obedience!❤️

  38. Cindy

    Thanks for this confirming word. I am in a season a transition and some intense spiritual warfare. However, as I once heard; “I might be delayed, but I’m still destined.” I am moving forward, in Jesus name!


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