On December 20th, 2018, I had a dream where I was driving to downtown Dallas. I was having trouble getting on the on ramp, as my car did not have enough horsepower to get on. I tried to find other avenues of entry but each posed a threat. Suddenly, a mighty angel began to descend from the heavens onto downtown Dallas.
He had a fierce and war-like appearance. He was about 100 feet tall. As he descended he turned to look at me, I was facing downtown Dallas hovering over the skyline. He began to decree over me, and I had the strong impression that what he was speaking over me was being decreed over the city. I stood as a sign in this heavenly encounter.
He began to thunder over me and Dallas, and when he did this I was overwhelmed by the authority and the power in his voice. I knew he was a prince warring angel, carrying an impartation from the spirit of prophecy. He seemed to embody the prophecy of God. The more He decreed, the louder his thunder grew.
He said, “Your commission has changed. There has been a change in the books and scrolls of Heaven and your commission has changed. And I will not stop until every layer is activated.” When he said this I understood that there had been much warfare over the land – over territory in the natural and supernatural. I had this strong impression that even the layers within the earth (the tectonic plates) had to be brought into alignment with the will of God.
Within the angel’s simple words there were also many other things said; I heard them as thoughts that flooded my mind as he was speaking. I understood that delay, on many levels, was going to be dealt with as God was going to be moving, which would override the delay. I understood that it was time for the hand of God to move and that it would move sovereignly.
 This angel was here because he was fully committed and completely focused in bringing this to pass. I also knew that there was much to what he was saying that I did not comprehend yet. He went on to speak about the American Airlines Arena in downtown Dallas, and how this would be a place of first fruits for a move that would spill into stadiums in the city of Dallas. He spoke of the dome of the American Airlines Center. As he shared about this occurrence, I could see the angelic host flying to and fro from this center. He also mentioned that this was an angelic hub and the covering of his territory.
God has marked the city of Dallas with new angelic assignment and new angelic hosts. He has changed the commission of the city of Dallas. Previously, in the spirit, it has been known to release death as we can see evident in Roe vs. Wade and also in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Both of these instances set the tone for the nation, and even the globe, establishing the city as a center where death proceeded from.
The change in commission is a change in its purpose. In the past the prophetic destiny of Dallas was to release life and its influence was governmental, meaning it affected the whole nation and ultimately the globe. Now, the change in commission isn’t only to release life or to carry great authority to bring national and international change, its commission is to manifest the greater works of God. I believe this was not appointed for many more years to come, but there has been a precipitation in Heaven that has released Dallas into a new commissioning.
John 5:20 is the commission of the city of Dallas: “For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself is doing; and the Father will show Him greater works than these, so that you will marvel.”
The city of Dallas has been given the mandate to manifest the greater works of God. In essence this means deep intimacy. The outworking of that intimacy is great authority and great power, and the fruit of this is the wonder and marvel of God that will captivate the hearts of the nation and a generation with the depth and glory of the heart and hand of God.
I believe as God releases this angel, many who had not been able to move forward in their assignments will find their work empowered by the Spirit and Word of God in a fresh and supernatural way.
This movement in the city of Dallas will carry a grace for the prophetic and angelic realms to manifest in supernatural encounters that will reach the hearts of people in ways that have not been touched before.
I believe the eagle, which is the symbol of American Airlines, speaks of this prophetic destiny: that Dallas is meant to go into the heights, into the supernatural, into revelation, into perspective, and into vision. Dallas has been commissioned to soar. Worship and the prophetic will spearhead a movement of mass-encounter evangelism.
After this dream I had a series of encounters and revelations for a period of two weeks. In this time, the Lord unpacked the message He sent through this angel.


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